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  • If the Earth immediately stop revolving around the sun, everything on earth would fly into space at 60,000 mph

  • If the earth were to stop rotating you would fly into the nearest wall to the east at up to 1,400 mph.

  • The turbo pump on the Space Shuttle main engine is so powerful it could drain an average family-sized swimming pool in 25 seconds.

  • Just twenty seconds' worth of fuel remained when Apollo 11's lunar module landed on the moon.

  • An aircraft carrier only needs to be refueled once in its 30 year life span.

  • The catapult on an aircraft carrier can launch 20 Cadillac's at 160 mph at one time.

  • You can tell the temperature in Fahrenheit by counting the number of 'clicks' a cricket makes in fifteen seconds and then adding 37.

  • A space vehicle must move at a rate of at least 7 miles per second to escape the earth's gravitational pull. This is equivalent to going from New York to Philadelphia in about twenty seconds.

  • The earth's revolution time increases .0001 seconds annually.

  • The longest total solar eclipse lasted 7 minutes and 7 seconds (Southeast Asia -- June 20, 1955). The shortest total solar eclipse lasted only 1 second (North Altantic Ocean -- Oct. 3, 1986.

  • The wingspan of the Boeing 777 is 200 Ft.  40 Ft. longer than the Wright Brothers' first flight.

  • The Pioneer 10 spacecraft will make its next celestial rendezvous, with Proxima Centauri, in the year 28135 A.D.

  • Tomatoes can survive 60,000 times the radiation damage of a human being and still reproduce.

  • One third of the sun's energy absorbed by the earth is consumed in the evaporation of the oceans and other bodies of water.

  • The shock a person receives from a doorknob on a dry day can be as much as 35,000 volts.

  • The letter J does not appear anywhere on the periodic table of the elements.

  • A lump of pure gold the size of a matchbox could be flattened out to the size of a tennis court.

  • At 90 degrees below zero, your breath will freeze instantly and fall to the ground

  • The lifespan of a dragonfly is 24 hours.

  • Today’s average household in the USA contains more computer power than existed in the world before 1965.

  • The average desktop computer contains 5-10 times more computing power than was used to land a man on the moon.

  • Dolphins don't automatically breath, they have to tell themselves to.

  • The earth's magnetic field pulls the electron beams hitting the cathode ray tube in computer monitors. Every computer monitor has to be calibrated relative to its position in the earth's magnetic field. Adjust a monitor in the northern hemisphere and its colors will be wrong if you plug it into a computer in the southern hemisphere.

  • There are more stars in space than there are specks of sand on the Earth.

  • The science of Meteorology has identified over 200 types of precipitation.

  • The average smell weighs 760 nanograms.

  • The space shuttle travels at 17,500 MPH. That is fast enough to get from California to New York in 10 minutes!

  • The space shuttle produces 31,200,000 Newtons at lift off.

  • Enough power is produced by the catapult on an aircraft carrier to shoot a average-sized pickup truck over a mile.

  • Every six months to 2 years scientists have to add one second to the world's clocks because the earth is slowing down.

  • An object traveling at the speed of light will travel from California to New York in 0.0149637 seconds.

  • The cargo bay on the Space Shuttle is large enough to hold a full size tour bus.

  • The two nuclear reactors aboard the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier produce enough electricity to power 250,000 homes.

  • The earth's population is increasing by 3 people per second.

  • The speed at which data is transferred between the space shuttle and mission control is fast enough to send the contents of an entire 20 volume enclosed in only one second.

  • If one of the tiles that protect the space shuttle from the heat of re-entry was heated to 2,000°F the tile cools quickly enough for a human to be able to pick it up with their bare hand after one second, and not get burnt.

  • The formula to calculate wind chill is T(wc) = 0.0817(3.71V0.5 + 5.81 -0.25V)(T - 91.4) + 91.4 where V is the wind speed and T is the temperature. - Ryan Heaney

  • The formula to calculate heat index is HI = -42.379 + 2.04901523 T + 1014.333127 H - 22.475541 TH - .00683783 T2 - 548.1717 H2 + 0.122874 T2H + 8.5282 TH2 - 0.0199 T2H2 where H is the relative humidity and T is the temperature in Fahrenheit.

  • Each year plants use more carbon in photosynthesis than is mined throughout the world.

  • The next solar eclipse on a December 25th occurs in 2307, visible off the western coast of Africa. - Ryan Heaney

  • There are at least two solar eclipses each year, and never more than five, visible somewhere on Earth. - Ryan Heaney

  • Humans have maintained a permanent presence (flying) in the air for at least fifty years. - Harriet Shaw

  • Humans have maintained a permanent presence on Antarctica for at least forty years. - Harriet Shaw

  • There's been direct dial phone service to Antarctica since at least 1992. - Harriet Shaw

  • Humans have maintained a permanent presence in the ocean for at least thirty years. - Harriet Shaw

  • Humans have permanently inhabited cyber space for at least twenty years. - Harriet Shaw

  • Humans at one time attempted to maintain a permanent presence in space from September 1989 until sometime in Spring 1999. - Harriet Shaw

  • 800 Earths could fit inside Jupiter! - Adrian Jaronczyk

  • Sound travels faster through steel then water. - Steve Prior

  • 1,000,000 Earths could fit inside the sun. - Steve Prior

  • If two objects are dropped from the same height the object with a greater mass will hit the ground sooner because it has more gravity. - Joe Neylon

  • If your skin is laid flat it will cover an area of 18 square feet.

  • Light travels from the earth to the sun in 8.3 minutes. - Don Signori

  • If you wrapped yourself in aluminum you would need 153.5 pounds to equal the insulation of 5 pounds of air. - Steve Prior

  • The earth is 197,000,000 square miles. - Don Signori

  • You produce enough power to light a 75 watt bulb by riding a bike at 60 rpm. - Matt Raiche

  • The largest volcano in the solar system is found on the Planet Mars. Olympus Mons is truly an apt name. - Don Mocarski

  • A neutron is not a stable particle outside of the nucleus of an atom. It lasts only about 11 minutes as a neutron before it breaks down into a proton and an electron. - Don Mocarski

  • Using flea powder meant for dogs on cats can kill them. - Greg Hansen

  • If the atmosphere of Venus were devoid of clouds and haze, the atmosphere would bend light so much that there would be no sunrise or sunset on Venus. - Andrew McGrenera

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