Fidget Photo Album

This page contains a series of screenshots from the film itself. Most of them are pictures of Fidget, but there are also some pictures of Basil, Dawson, Olivia, Mousetoria and others too. For original conceptual sketches from the animators/artists, check out The Fidget Archives page.

Our FAVORITE batty henchman!

Fidget hears Toby howl Fidget has Olivia! Escaping with the girl Fidget demonstrates a part of the trap Fidget pulls the queen

Professor Ratigan


Unusual footprints Basil

Dr. Dawson

A Kind Face

Olivia Flaversham

Curiouser and curiouser ... Still can't get it right? The Final Goodbye

Hiram Flaversham

Winding up the toy

Mrs. Judson

Enter Mrs. Judson

Queen Mousetoria

Putting on her makeup

Kitty and the Girls

Kitty and the girls You want it?

Additional Scenes

Inside Big Ben

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