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First Name: Janey
URL: Hart
Email address: janehart@nmsu.edu
Comment: Very nice
First Name: Miyamoto Kirk
URL: http://www.geocities.com/teamrocketmiyamoto/Goofs.html
Email address: tmrocketmiyamoto@hotmail.com
Comment: I like your idea of an alien anime!~ It's almost related to my own little world, but mine is a mixture of Pokemon and Space Goofs! ^_~ Email me sometime, I like to chat with other Space Goofs pals!~ ~Queen Miyamoto Kirk
First Name: otilio
Email address:
Comment: thanks for showing us your site it is very well made
First Name: LaVonne
Email address:
Comment: Great Job. Everyone did a great Job.(Fan arts) You have skills.
First Name: Travis
URL: Rebuilding
Email address: harrycanyon2001@yahoo.com
Comment: Nice, I really like the etherial quality of the beings. Keep up the good work!
First Name: Brendan McGrath
URL: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/8973
Email address: bam6@georgetown.edu
Comment: Hi Leila! I like the site, especially all the artwork that you put so much work into. I'll have to check out the poetry sometime soon. See ya!
First Name: Angela (Chan-san)
Email address:
Comment: Hey, Acevedo-san, it's really nice to see your work. I can surely tell that you've paid so much effort for that. I hope that I can still see more when I go back to Hong Kong. Take care, Angela
First Name: Jackie the small...
URL: http://profiles.yahoo.com/krylonj
Email address: jackie@theataris.com
Comment: Leila!! Good Page.. Great to see u kept up with the anime from way back. See u on campus again..bye.
First Name: jackie
Email address: geminiseven10281@aol.com
Comment: This is one wicked cool website! Keep up the good work! :)
First Name: bill
Email address: wgreen@nmsu.edu
Comment: i finally got to view your website Leila. adventurous. as you take more drawing classes, your compositions will mature and i look forward of course to seeing those changes in your work.
First Name: Mom
Email address:
Comment: I think this page is great work from a very talented artist. Keep up the good work!
First Name: Lucee
Email address: luceem@hotmail.com
Comment: cool drawings and theme
First Name: Yohey
Email address: yoheihashi@hotmail.com
Comment: Leila, what is the purpose of guestbook? Anyway, you have changed the background of front page; it is nice.
First Name: James
Email address: jmelen1335@aol.com
Comment: hello looks good.
First Name: Ed Plascencia
Email address: p6g8z@hotmail.com
Comment: Leila: That's a pretty cool website.
First Name: JOsh
Email address: josc008@yahoo.com
Comment: Leila is COOL!!!!!
First Name: Seiya
Email address: edward@penpen.com
Comment: Hi Leila-chan, it's me, Marissa. :) Seiya is the name I usually go by online. I really like your webpage, and I'm sure your manga will turn out great. See ya in Japanese class. ^-^
First Name: Oscar Chavez
Email address: oschavez2000@yahoo.com
Comment: I really enjoyed your website. I especially liked the poems. It's looking good. Keep it up.
First Name: Becky
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/pokemon2/mewssite/NessiesTempleofAnime/index.html
Email address: ssjgohan_376@planetnamek.org
Comment: I really enjoy your site and I like you as my friend on my emails. I hope to see you soon! ^_^ If you wish to see my site, I have alot of new things in it too. I also have the Fan Art up.
First Name: CosmicShip
URL: http://www.west.net/~ke6jqp/
Email address: cosmicshipke6jqp@yahoo.com
Comment: Great site! Sounds like you have a lot more good stuff to come. Keep up the good work!


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