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The World of Fidget & GMD

About the Character
Critical analysis about the character Fidget and how he came about. Currently undergoing construction..

Fidget Tutorial
Simple guide to drawing the character, Fidget.

The Fidget Connections
My own GMD Pastiche Cast of characters related/connected to Fidget. Currently under re-construction.

The Fidget Descendants
Continues from where The Fidget Connections leaves off and begins with the second generation of Fidget's family of bats. Soon to come.

The Fidget Resources
Links to other Fidget/GMD sites, as well as sites pertaining to my pastiched cast.

Fidget FAQs
Questions pertaining to the character Fidget and GMD

Images and Screenshots
Screen caps from the movie, images from Golden books, and memorabilia

Conceptual Sketches
Collection of unrefined, Fidget/GMD artwork before the release of the movie

The Song Archive
Collection of songs from the movie as well as existing songs I use for my pastiches.

Copyrights & Disclaimer
Please read this first as it concerns copyrights issues.


The Fan Art Gallery
Collection of Fidget/GMD fan arts as well as original artworks (both GMD and non-GMD related)

The Fidget Library
Collection of pastiche/fan-fiction stories, songfics, and poems.

Webrings and Fanlistings
Collection of webrings, fanlistings, and affiliates pertaining to Fidget/GMD, my pastiched cast, and site theme

An Unforgettable Voice
Most underappreciated voice actor of the character, Fidget. Currently under re-construction.

The Guestbook Archive

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