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Palace of Pearlwings

Benvenuto, mi amici!

You've set foot on the red-carpet path to the corridors of a new kingdom. Welcome to The Palace of Pearlwings. This web domain is a Great Mouse Detective (GMD for short) fansite, dedicated to a sorely overlooked character named Fidget, Ratigan's peg-legged sidekick. So if you're Fidget fans, GMD fans, bat-lovers, or just appreciate the movie, you've come to the right place! This site contains a whole pastiche cast of bats called The Fidget Connections, fanart, fan-fiction, fan-poetry, a drawing tutorial, and many things Fidget/GMD-related!

For those of you who have browsers that don't support frames, use the following links to visit the site:

What's New! 2 new pastiches in The Fidget Library; 2 character biographies in The Fidget Connections.



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*This website (and characters presented in The Fidget Connections) is copyright 2001-2014 by Reyelene. All properties of Fidget and The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney. None of the material should be distributed or re-produced without proper permission.