Lighten the Load!

Has that one leader you trusted thrown you off that dirigible opportunities for the reason of "lightening the load"? Have you fallen in that River Thames and left to drown in depression? Well, look no further, because my Lighten the Load! is here to rescue you! This is a Great Mouse Detective fan site (GMD for short), strongly dedicated to Fidget, Professor Ratigan's peg-legged bat. There are a Fidget Connections and Fidget Descendants cast I've created that involve Fidget's background, his biological family, and folks who know or associate with him. This site also has my About the Character, which is separate from the canon and focuses more on the character based on research and evidence, plus a Fidget FAQ and much more!

What's New!

GMD CHRISTMAS CONTEST is over. And the winner is ... MOUSE AVENGER! XD

Fidget Guestbook

Don't forget to sign Fidget's guestbook! He has worked so hard on binding this book and putting it together; he really gets upset when his hard work feels under-appreciated. ALL reviews are welcome, constructive criticism is preferred.

Fidget, clueless

You'll notice on this page I've colored coded some text here. Not sure what's going on with this? This is how the color coding works on this page:

Purple--What's already familiar, or things related to/found only on this site. I chose purple because it is the color of Fidget's shirt and scarf. Some sites claim they're blue, but that's a discoloring of the screen. It's actually purple.
Yellow--Material that is outside the website, or is GMD related but based on outside influences/inspirations. An example of this would be the collection of 1980's songs listed on The Fidget Gramophone page.
Red--What's brand new! You'll notice this color is rarely used on this site, so whenever you see something in red, you'll know it's something new I've added. In the case of The Fidget Connections page, the red asterick symbolizes material based on the original Sherlock Holmes, Basil of Baker Street, or novels. I chose red because most of you may not even be aware that such findings exist, so it'll be "brand new" to someone! ;)
White--The color of the text on the website itself, made for an easier read. I know most experts will argue that black text on a white background is the standard, but this is the world of Fidget we're talking about! In Fidget's world, the events and circumstances take place at night, so it only makes sense to have the two colors reversed.

Lighten the Load!

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