The Fidget Resources

This page contains a series of links to fansites, official sites, and resources on Fidget and Great Mouse Detective. Also included are links to some sites that are not related to GMD per se, but are actors/singers, historical figures, etc that play a part to my characters in The Fidget Connections cast. Some links also play a part to the contribution of ideas that consciously and subconsciously inspired my work, both in character design and story-telling while some are just simply my favorite links.

Fidget/GMD Forums & Harems

Fidget/GMD Fan Sites & Fan Pages

GMD/Disney Official Sites

The Actors/Voice Actors & Singers

Historical Figures & Fictional Characters

Art/Writing Galleries

Anime & RPG Fandom


*All properties of The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney Productions. All other characters represented in The Fidget Connections are copyright 2002-2016 by Reyelene.

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