Part I: What you need to get a-HEAD

I'm sure you've all been wondering if this page will ever be up? ^__^ Well, after a LONG hiatus from the GMD world (and fanart, in general), the Fidget Tutorial page is FINALLY up! XD For a long time, I've been drawing a lot of Fidget pics and have received a decent amount of compliments. But then, a GMD fan (and friend of mine) had once begged me to create a page that teaches people how to draw Fidget. I eventually took her advice to heart and created this page to teach all of you how to draw Fidget.

1) First, draw a "dotted-lined" circle, as demonstrated in this image. Remember, every character's head needs a base.

2) Draw two black crescent shapes for eyebrows. Make sure you draw them slightly overlapping the top border.

3) Draw two black circles a quarter of an inch below the eyebrows. These are the pupils.

4) Draw two cresent-shaped lines below the pupils. These will be the creases under Fidget's eyes.

5) Now here's a change of pace! On each side of the circle, draw these funny-looking curves. These are Fidget's furry cheeks.

6) Place the tip of your pencil on the cheek to the left (that will be your starting point). Without picking up your pencil, draw a duck-bill shape as shown in the image.

7) Keep the tip of your pencil on the paper! Now draw the lower half to complete Fidget's mouth.

8) Now we're going to go back to the top where Fidget's incomplete eyes are. Yes, remember that we have not completed Fidget's eyes. You will now draw two circles to complete Fidget's huge eyes, leaving only a small piece of the circle incomplete for each eye, as shown in the image. If you haven't already guessed, I'm having you take a circular method in drawing Fidget.

9) Now you're going to draw a small arc for the bridge. Next, you'll draw the two big nostrils for his nose. Remember that Fidget has a pig-like nose.

10) We will now start on Fidget's large ears. On each side of the circle, draw two irregular crescents as demonstrated.

11) Complete Fidget's ears, drawing the four creases on each side first, then completing the shape of the ear.

12) Now let's go back to the mouth. Draw an arc to complete Fidget's face, then a set of sharp teeth inside his mouth along with the tongue. We definitely don't want a toothless Fidget! ^___^

13) Going back to the top, draw Fidget's English hat. I recommend leaving the flap white so you can distinguish between the hat and the eyebrows.

14) Don't give up! You've only got the lines for his red eye patches left!

15) Now all that's left to do is erase the details of the dotted circle. And voila, you're DONE!

You now know how to draw Fidget's cute head! Pretty simple, eh? If for any reason you're not satisfied with the results, feel free to repeat steps 1-15 as many times as it takes until you achieve a satisfying result. Remember, the more you practice drawing Fidget's head, the more easier it'll be until it becomes second nature. Now the next page will teach you how to draw Fidget's whole body. Proceed to Part II!

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