The Fidget Library

Here is a collection of pastiches, parodies, and fan-fiction. Most of them follow the Fidget Connections and Fidget Descendants canon and some are stand alone stories.

The Fidget Connections canon

These are listed in chronological order of the time frame each story takes place, NOT the order of when they were written.

Unspoken Words

By: Reyelene

Chapter 1: Journey Back to 1875 ... Captain Bates Meets Fidget
Chapter 2: Hawkeyes and Fidget ... A Friendship Severed
Chapter 3: Temptations of the Body ... Fidget and the Prostitutes
Chapter 4: Betrayal ... The Boy is in Danger!

Inspired by The Diary of Anne Frank, Captain Lillian Bates's log book is found by Basil of Baker Street. Since it is technically his day off working on cases, he decides to read it ... which reveals hidden feelings Bates never shared, especially toward Fidget himself.

Don't You Dare Deny Me

By: Reyelene


Although Fidget is rescued by a raving beauty, he makes every attempt to mask his criminal history. But what happens when he realizes that he can't keep up the game anymore?


By: Reyelene

Shortly after Deniece recovers from her shoulder wound, she learns that Fidget has not only been spared but was sent to Pentonville Prison for his crimes. Originally a chapter from a fan-fiction called Light of Love, re-written as a short story. Starring Deniece and Fidget.

A Chance

By: Reyelene

Father Richards visits Fidget in his cell at Pentonville ... and informs Fidget that he has a chance to start a new life. What will his decision be? Starring Father Richards and Fidget.

The Eve I Gained a Son

By: Reyelene

Retired Oxford professor, Anna Collins, tells us the story of how she came to accept Fidget as her newly adopted son. Starring Albert & Anna Collins, Father Richards, and Fidget.

Candle of the Heart

By: Reyelene

Chapter 1: Yuletide Woes
Chapter 2: Father to Son Talks, Yuletide Tales Walk
Chapter 3: Yuletide Tales Continued ... What Sharing Means
Chapter 4: And the Candle Burns Brightly!

Our Guiding Light

By: Reyelene

Deniece tells Fidget a story passed down by her biological mother involving a full moon as a bat's guiding light. Meanwhile, another creature of the night lurks in the shadows. Starring Fidget and Deniece.

The Moon Temptress

By: Reyelene

She's bold, she's beautiful ... and she's out on the hunt! Just when Fidget thought he was safe, a demon from the past comes to haunt him. Starring Fidget, Deniece, and Selena.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

By: Reyelene

Three mice children are missing, and the finger is pointed at Fidget to be the culprit. Meanwhile, a familiar creature lurks in the shadows, with her eyes fixed on Fidget. Starring Constable Smith, Fidget, and Deniece.

The Party is NOT over YET!

By: Reyelene

News of theft at Buckingham Palace spreads across mousedom. Basil and Deniece are on the case, and Deniece decides to drag Fidget into it. What'll happen when Fidget encounters the Queen again? Starring Fidget, Deniece, and Queen Mousetoria.

Demon in the Red Velvet Swing

By: Reyelene

Mousedom has fallen victim to a plague, forcing both Fidget and Deniece to evacuate. In the process, Fidget runs into yet ANOTHER demon from his past ... and she's in need of some serious care! Starring Fidget, Deniece, and Velvet.

Meet the Boitanos

Chapter 1: Leavin' for Liverpool
Chapter 2: La voce d'Italia, Herself
Chapter 3: The Puppet Show
Chapter 4: The Meaning of Family

By: Reyelene

Listening to other mice families talk about visiting their grandparents and cousins puts Fidget in a sorrowful mood because he feels he's the only one left. But with the help of Father Richards and Constable Smith, Fidget learns that not only does he have remaining blood relatives, but that they live in Liverpool!

Meet the O'Reillys

By: Reyelene

The Storm that was Destiny

By: Reyelene

The First Born

By: Reyelene

Deniece undergoes an extremely difficult pregnancy, giving Fidget a great scare. Will she survive? Starring Fidget, Deniece, Basil.

Paternal Instincts

By: Reyelene

Fidget finally gets his chance of being a real parent ... and it proves to be more work than he bargained for.

A Lesson to be Learned

By: Reyelene

A typical day in the park turns out to be a ticklish situation for Fidget. And I do mean ticklish. Starring Fidget, Deniece, and Jeanette.

Enemies No More

By: Reyelene

Chapter 1: Returning to London
Chapter 2: The War of History (Me and my Enemy)
Chapter 3: History Repeats
Chapter 4: Closure

Driven by an inexplicable force to return to London, a mature and older Olivia Flaversham befriends a rambunctious bat child who bares a strange resemblance to someone she has seen before. Starring Olivia, Fidget, and Jeanette.

The Sea of Changes

By: Reyelene

Maria Boitano is on her deathbed and is not expected to live the night.

The Fidget Descendants Canon

The Fidget Descendants Canon takes place six years forward where The Fidget Connections left off.

Breaking the Mold!

These Fidget/GMD related fan-fictions do follow either of the two canons and should be treated as stand-alone stories. I've had many alternative ideas as to how Fidget's fate turns out after he is thrown in the River Thames, not just one. These are a collection of those alternative ideas.

The Fate of our Bat

By: Reyelene

An alternative story idea as to what happened after Fidget is thrown off the dirigible by Professor Ratigan. Has two different endings that the reader gets to choose. Which will it be?

* All properties of Fidget & The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney Productions. *All characters in The Fidget Connections are copyright 2002-2017 by Reyelene. *All songs in The Fidget Gramophone are copyrights of the artists stated.

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