Fidget Festivities

Deniece, the mistress of many faces, invites you to participate in The Fidget Festivities, where we sponsor all contests and games. Any questions or concerns, just email The Princess. Be sure to write "GMD Contest questions" in the Subject line so your email doesn't get accidentally deleted.

The Fires of Love!

Starts February 1st, ends February 17th

Ready for a challenge? Whoever can come up with the best GMD Valentine's Day greeting card cover will win. The rules are as follows:

1) The picture must consist of a couple. You can use any of the GMD characters and your own GMD OCs. You can even use my characters, provided that you give the appropriate credit and ask permission.
2) Do NOT take someone else's hard work and claim it as your own. The pieces must be original. As stated in rule one, you can use my characters as long as you ask permission first. If there is any form of plagiarism detected, you will automatically be disqualified.
3) Entries must be submitted before the deadline. No late entries will be accepted.

The winning prizes to be determined.

Which GMD character would YOU vote for?

Starts February 20th at 7am and ends 11pm, Pacific Time.

The object of this game is super simple. You choose one of the GMD characters from the film that you think would make a great President and why. Rules are as follows:

1) Must be the original characters from the GMD cast. Sorry, no OCs on this one.
2) No late entries will be accepted
3) The paper must be no longer than 400 words.

Winning prize is a hand-made felt coaster of your choice of GMD character

* All properties of Fidget & The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney Productions. *All characters in The Fidget Connections are copyright 2002-2017 by Reyelene. *All songs in The Fidget Gramophone are copyrights of the artists stated.

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