Zidane and Garnet = Love!
Pro: Opposites attract.
Con: Garnet appears at lack of humor, and it seems as if Zidane only liked her for her beauty.
Pro: Rags and riches always make cute couples.
Con: Zidane probably lacks in any royal manners whatsoever, nor does he seem ready to rule Alexandria. It could make a lot of fighting and disagreement between the two.
Pro: Zidane and Garnet have both been through a lot together and it is obvious that they like each other a lot.
Con: Zidane is a genome, and the game specifically said that genomes do not live long. Plus, Zidane looks sort of odd with his tail - he is like from another species, not human What I am trying to say is, I don't think that the people of Alexandria would want Zidane on their throne Plus, what if he dies? Maybe Garnet just doesn't want to go through that pain and do make trouble for her country.
Though one could read through all this over and over and debate it to the end, with all the anti Zidane and Garnet people and all the pro Zidane Garnet people out there, I think it is quite shaky grounds as to whether these two people would live happily ever after. However, they are a cute couple! I hope they do remain together. And I find it very romantic with the notion that Garnet abandons her throne for him or something - - I have always seen that in the game, since usually the kingdom overthrows a ruler who marries a peasant, like history shows it is unacceptable. I can see Garnet becoming a peasant to live with Zidane...
Whatever it may be, this game will always be the best Final Fantasy game out there. The romance in the story isn't pushed at you like Rinoa and Squall, where you just know it is going to be like that right off. The game never gives direct refernce to what Garnet feels, while FFVIII blares Rinoa's affections. Final Fantasy Nine will always remain the most subtle of the two, and therefore much more romantic and sweet, in a sense.
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