The Story
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The Queen Brahne, ugly and grotesque, holds a play - " I want to be Your Canary".

As the large airship flies into the castle with the 'actors', it is learned that the actors are truly fakes, and really thieves whom make up the group Tantalanus. Zidane, a blonde-haired, monkey-tailed boy of 16, is to be the one to grab the Princess Garnet and kidnap her while the rest of Tantalus puts on a play for the Queen.

The plan, however skillful, fails. Garnet has plans of her own and is escaping the castle and the castle life on her own, clad in robes. She is chased up onto the rooftop by Zidane Tribal, where she gives him a weak smile and drops to the ground.

Zidane, fearing that she had commited suicide, looks over the edge and sees that Garnet had caught hold of flag-streamers and slowly slid down to safety. After some more chasing (along with the castle guard Steiner), Garnet and Zidane arrive in a room where Garnet asks Zidane to kidnap her! She confesses that she must be taken from the castle immediately.

Zidane and the rest of Tantalus escape with Garnet on their airship. Beatrix and Steiner, who are now revealed as generals of two different sects of the Alexandrian Army, not guards, clue Queen Brahne in on the kidnapping ploy. Brahne orders to fire at the airship, but Tantalus gets away.

After getting lost in a forest, Zidane quits Tantalus in order to escort the Princess to safety from the dangers of the forest. Princess Garnet accepts his offers.

There are a few adventures that follow that you must play the game to find out yourself... eventually they go to see Regent Cid, who had been turned into a gross creature known as an Oglop. Cid seems to be head of a city known as Lindblum and related to Garnet. Here, Zidane competes in a competition, a few plot holes are uncovered, which I will not give away.

Afterwards, Zidane and party find that they seem to be persecuted by Kuja, a tall, white-haired and mysterious man who seems from another world... he has a strange connection to Zidane, but Zidane cannot remember anything of his past and how Kuja could fit in...

Meanwhile, Garnet slowly is reminded of painful memories of a time where she was a baby. Yet, her memories are not those of castles and grandeur, but those of a giant storm, a red eye in the sky, and a tiny little village.

When their adventure takes them to a village of ruins known as Madain Sari, Garnet's past seems to unravel. Is she truly a princess? Who is Zidane really? Who is Kuja? Where is it all connected...? The answer lies in the 'red eye' above in the sky...
The red eye in the sky that haunts Garnet
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