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Second Life

Alice (not her real name)

Nota Bene: There are no full names of SL people on this site,
except for a small number whose names are used with permission.

Help People Island

A priceless collection of unrepeatable pictures taken at HPI.



Some scenic or interesting places in Second Life.


Prodigiosus, the romantic isle of dreams

A beautiful, romantic place, which very sadly disappeared sometime in late 2012. Rare pictures!


The Scottish Highlands

The sad story of a beautiful place, much of which no longer exists. Rare pictures!

The Scottish Highlands


Various pictures of people in Second Life, many of which were taken at HPI.



Pictures of the initial female avatars in Second Life.

Women and girls

Viewers for Second Life

Comparison of viewers for Second Life, choosing and finding them, and more.

SL Viewers

Feature: Kuru Kuru World

Kuru Kuru World was created by Mikati Slade and presented in an exhibition at MiC, Musei di Roma Capitale, from mid December 2011 until 18th Jan 2012. It consists of a virtual 3D world of art which you can walk through.

Click the picture to proceed to the entrance and take a tour.

Kuru Kuru World

Feature: Atmospheric Abstractions

Atmospheric Abstractions was an art exhibition at the Augustus Gallery, Gussie's Nook, Augustus on 3rd February 2012. The Artist Dulcis Taurog was present.

Click the picture to see more.

Abstract Abstractions


The Simulation Hypothesis

This is a theory of existence (real life) that all of reality is a computer simulation

Brain in a vat
Picture taken from Wikimedia Commons.





Secondlife - useful information and links

The official Secondlife web site.


The Secondlife Wiki.
Lots of technical information on Secondlife, contributed by SL users.


Other 3D Virtual Worlds

www.osgrid.org - OS Grid, the Open Source Grid.
OS Grid is a useful resource for building of all kinds, and for learning, but not very good for socializing.
Everything is free. There is no currency in the grid.


The following site has a great illustrated list of other 3D Virtual Worlds.



Software for 3D and animation

www.blender.org - Multi-purpose 3D creation. Free!

qavimator.org - Create 3D animations for an avatar. Free!

camstudio.org - Versatile animated screen capture. Free!


Other Links

Rula Rayna's Flickr site
Many close-up pictures of Second Life musicians.

Includes a video of a walk around Help People Island.

Hobo Stroll 0001 A wonderful video taken at Hobo Island in SL.
He he, I've met Lynn Adored, and spoken with her in voice at that very location. Several other videos by the same team are there too.

Alexandra's Sweater Time video 2: Relaxation at Cap Estel,
Just one of many videos by Alexandra Xubersnak, some of which inspired me to start in SL. Follow the links to find her other videos and LOADS more SL stuff at Flickr.

The Guild - Do You Wanna Date My Avatar
Not a musical masterpiece, but relevant and fun.

The Power of Love from Back to the Future.
I'm not sure what Back to the Future has to do with Second Life, except that there is something. Great fun!


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