Here is a variety of products - some will be available until supplies last.
These are 2 models of pewter pendants (chains not included) one silver and one gold colored  ***until supplies last
1" long
1" in diameter  Each are $5.00
The best way to keep your stones and jewelry protected.  Leatherette and suede pouchs with drawstrings.
Left:  Black leatherette pouch - 2"x3" (also available in white)   $4.00
Right:  Grey suede pouch - 2"x3" ***the suede ones with be available until supplies last.  
Amethyst clusters in two sizes decorated with doves and crystals
First row:  Small clusters with clay flowers and crystals    $7.00
Second row:  Big clusters with clay flowers and doves  
***as long as supplies last.
These stones have magnets on the back - great for holding papers on the fridge with these googly eyes.
Top:  Unakite ~ 2nd row:  Amethyst ~ Sodalite ~ Bottom: Snowflake Obsidian - come in these stones only    $1.00
The brooches that you see below will be available as long as supplies last.  The Cabochon brooch is on filigree gold or silver backing and the Paua butterfly is available with silver backing only.
From left to right:  Blue Paua Shell ~ Green Paua Shell ~ Mauve Paua Shell (available also in red) ~ Hematite ~ Mother of Pearl ~ Rhodonite ~ Blue Paua Shell butterfly.  Cabochons measure 25x18mm - $10.00  Butterfly measures 1"x1" - $7.00
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