Below are all the colors of dream catchers that I make.  They come in either velvet or acrylic cord.  These are the 3" diam. hoops - details on stones, etc. used, prices and others sizes will follow.
Starting at top:  Black velvet with black/white rainbow web - Hematite in center ~ Lilac acrylic with mauve rainbow web - Amethyst in center ~ Red velvet with red web - Clear Quartz in center ~ Light blue acrylic with blue web - Paua stone in center ~ Green acrylic with green rainbow web - Malachite in center ~ Turquoise velvet with turquoise web - Turquoise in center ~ Midnight blue velvet with rainbow blue web - Sodalite in center ~ Shocking pink acrylic with pink web - Rose Quartz in center ~ Mauve acrylic with mauve rainbow web - Amethyst in center ~ Yellow acrylic with yellow web - Citrine in center ~ White velvet with white web - Mother of Pearl in center ~ Ecru velvet with ecru web - wooden beads in web - Carnelian at top.          Price: $16.00

4" diameter dream catchers are 8 - 10" long with more feathers -  Price:  $24.00 
5" diameter dream catchers are 11 - 14" long with more feathers -  Price:  $32.00 
6" diameter dream catchers are 15 - 18" long with mored feathers -  Price:  $40.00
Multi-colored and different size dream catchers are made to order.
5 - 7 inches in length
without cord
All have a crystal on other side of web and one at the top except natural dream catcher
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