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Welcome to the Lake County Web Ring!

I established the Lake County Web Ring to help promote Lake County Web Sites.  Lake County is a major tourist attaction with Clear Lake, the largest natural lake in the state of California and many resorts and casinos. The Web Ring is composed of web sites that are either located in Lake County, California or that reference Lake County in some way.

Lake County Web Sites

All the Web sites on the Lake County Web Ring represent communities, individuals, governments, organizations, and merchants, in Lake County, California.  These Web sites represent rural California and small-town America with a Western flair.  You may view a list of Web sites on the Lake County Web Ring or continue reading to learn how to use the Lake County Web Ring.

Joining The Web Ring

Please consider joining the Lake County, California Web Ring.  This is a great way to increase the visibility of your existing Web site -- plus, the Web Ring is both easy to implement and free of charge  to all Lake County Web sites.  Any existing member can add you to the Ring  If you don't have a web site why not let Computer Taming help you create one for Your business or organization.


How do I use the Lake County Web Ring?

A Web Ring is basically a ring of websites, connected in a circular fashion -- if you keep going around the ring in the same direction, you will end up back where you started. Here's how the Web Ring buttons help you navigate the ring:

Click here when you want to...
[The Lake County Web Ring] jump back to this page, the Lake County Web Ring homepage.
[Skip Previous] skip the previous site and go to the second site back in the ring (useful when the previous site is not responding).
[Previous] go to the previous site back in the ring.
[Show All Sites] list All the Lake County sites in the ring.
[Random Site] jump to a completely random site in the ring.
[Show Five Sites] list the next five sites in the ring.
[Next] go to the next site forward in the ring.
[Skip Next] skip the next site and go to the second site forward in the ring (useful when the next site is not responding).


How do I Join the Lake County Web Ring?

To join the Lake County Web Ring, follow these steps:

  1. Click here for the registration form.

  2. Fill out and submit the form.

  3. The system will send you a confirming email. This email will include all your registration information. It will include a complete copy of the default HTML code. It will also give you a link to the Site Admin page. You can use that page to make corrections or to get the default HTML code if you messed it up.

  4. Copy all the graphic images above (right-click an image in your browser and select "Save image as..." or whatever your browser uses to save images) to your server or download the zip file containing all the images here, un-zip them and copy them to your server.

  5. Copy the HTML code to the page on your server you registered on the form. Placement is up to you but I always recomend the top of the page [Grin]. If using a WYSIWYG Web Editor please use the "insert HTML code" option to include the code.
    For example, on FrontPage it may be under "Insert - Advanced - HTML...", You'll need to RTFM for other Web Editor's options.
    Make sure the inserted code point's to the correct location of your saved graphics.

  6. You may also make other custom changes, provided you use an authorized graphic, maintain the functions, use appropriate title parameters and remain true to the spirit of the Ring.
    For example, you may want to include the controls in another table, or you may want to give the table borders some "width" or color. If you want to center the table here is a link to a table centering code page for both CSS and HTML.

  7. E-mail me at , so I can check your work.

  8. If your page meets the standards of the Lake County Web Ring, I will send you an e-mail and add you to the ring!

  9. (optional) If you like, I can do custom code for your page that may blend better with your web design. Just e-mail me at .

  10. Congradulations - That's It - You're Done!

If you have any questions, please contact the .


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If you know of any other Lake County sites on the Net that might be interested in joining the Web Ring, please submit their URL:

Goto my "Living in Lake County" Home Page.

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Please contact me at the address below for any changes/additions to this page.
Peter Conrad Cumminsky, consultant

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