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About Peru Tambopata

It is said that the Amazon basin is the only place that gives one the sensation of witnessing the dawn of time. Thousands of visitors are drawn to the diversity of the area's forests and rivers, arriving in the city of Puerto Maldonado, the capital of the department of Madre de Dios, ready to set out on a journey filled with excitement and discovery.

Peru Tambopata Information

Puerto Maldonado city was founded July 10, 1902, the city was named after explorer Faustino Maldonado, who paddled up the Madre de Dios River to the point where it comes together with the Tambopata River.

Puerto Maldonado is the gateway to three national parks in the Peruvian Amazon featuring an extraordinary diversity of wild species of flora and fauna: Tambopata - Candamo, Bahuaja -Sonene, Pampas del Heath or Manu. 

Peru Tambopata Festivals

Festivals in Madre de Dios, such as San Juan in June or Tourism and Ecological Week are good reasons to taste regional dishes and take a refreshing dip in Lake Sandoval or go fishing on Lake Valencia, while visitors can spot countless species of plants, fish and fauna in general.

A boat ride down the Tambopata or Madre de Dios Rivers takes one to the Bahuaja - Sonene (Tambopata - Heath) National Park, while the Heath River leads to the Pampas del Heath, a unique savanna area wedged in the heart of Peru's tropical rainforest and a haven for unique animal species. 

Peru Tambopata  Reserve

The Tambopata River leads to the Tambopata National Reserve, which is famous for featuring the greatest diversity of species of mammals, trees, insects and birds on Earth. Colpa Colorado the world's largest macaw clay lick.

Puerto Maldonado city is located in the confluence of the rivers Tambopata and Madre de Dios; it is characterized by their notable delay in the economic development, due to the lack of appropriate communication roads. Its population, in its majority is conformed by native jungle tribes, dedicated to tasks of extraction of natural resources, wood, fruits, gold, etc., with limited production means.

Peru Tambopata Reserve
Area for the protection of the fauna and flora of the tropical sub humid forests, constitute one of the richest ecosystems in the world, it possesses a great diversity of wild life that captures many scientists and tourists from all parts of the world. To visit this area is recommended take a jungle tour in an Amazon Lodge

Peru Tambopata History

Founded back in 1991, the Tambopata Eco Lodge is one of the most established eco-tourism lodges on the banks of the Tambopata River. There are now a total of nine rainforest lodges in the Puerto Maldonado area, reinforcing the status of the region as one of the major rainforest eco-tourism destinations in South America.

With a capacity of 59 it is also one of the smallest lodges, which is how we intend to keep it. Smaller groups, we believe, contribute to a more fulfilling visit and reduce the impact on the many species of fauna that abound in the surrounding forest.

The lodge employs around twenty Peruvian staff, the majority of whom are resident in Puerto Maldonado. In addition, there are a number of naturalist guides, both from Peru and abroad, who are at your service throughout your stay. As well as guiding and introducing visitors to the many marvels of the forest, a number are undertaking research projects, thereby contributing to a greater ecological understanding of the area.

Peru Tambopata Day 1

Upon of your flight to Puerto Maldonado, our guide/staff will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the center of town where you can experience the exotic local market. Depending on the arrival time of the flights we may have the first lunch here or while traveling to the lodge or in the lodge. You excess luggage will be stored safely in our office in Puerto Maldonado and then will we continue into the port. We take our private boat along the Madre de Dios River for aproximately 1 hour to TAMBO JUNGLE LODGE. A cool welcome drink awaits you and then you’ll be show to your bungalows to get settle in.
In the afternoon we will take a 30 min. boat journey to Monkeys Island where you can appreciate a great diversity of monkeys suchs as the “Maquisapa” “Martin”, “little lions”, “Frailes”, “Achunis”, “Ronsocos”, etc, as well as a rich variety of birds.

Retun to TAMBO JUNGLE LODGE, of a delicious traditional dinner. Nocturnal activities are available each night. These range from nocturnal walks, talks on different topic and Cayman spotting whe condition are appopriate.

Day 2: Peru Tambopata

After a great jungle breakfast, we take 1 and a half hour walk to the famous Sandoval Lake passing through virgin forest, home to beatiful flora and fauna including Giant otter, Water birds, Alligators, wild hens, Taricayas (Small turtles) and a variety of fish. We will spend a few hours in canoe on this one of the most beautiful lake in the Madre de Dios where you can row, swin, walk or simply relax before returning to the Lodge in the afternoon. We will have a box lunch at Sandoval Lake.

Day 3: Peru Tambopata

Jungle breakfast, further opportunities for discovering the amazing ecosystem up close along an array of trails. We travel a further 1 hour down river to the Taricaya Project of the specalized trails where you’ll be led by your guide. He will further amaze you with the marvels of the jungle though a gentle hike and learning to recognize bird calls, footprints and medicinal plants and their qualities.
After our lunch here you will be have the experience of their canopy walk. Return to the Lodge between 4 and 5 in the afternoon for your final sunset in the Jungle before a traditional farewell dinner.

Day 4: Peru Tambopata

Very early departure to witness the spectacle of the Collpa de Loros,  sunrise on the river as we journey 1 and half hours to a clay wall where hundreds of green parrots congregate at first light each morning. We will generally be able to spend about an hour here before reboarding the boat to enjoy breakfast on our return to Puerto Maldonado, check in 2 hours before flight and then time to visit the stunning snake farm before your flight to Cusco or Lima.


  • Transportation to and from the Puerto Maldonado airport.
  • Transportation to and from Puerto Maldonado to the Jungle Lodge.
  • Accommodation in bungalows on double basis with private bathroom.
  • All meals (Vegetarian option) at the lodge.
  • Water and typical natural beverages.
  • Guide service in English


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