Protesters attempting to disrupt the funeral




An unnatural obsession with homosexuality


Protesters at Matthew's funeral preaching their message of hatred and intolerance. His grieving parents had asked to be able to say their farewells to him in a peaceful, dignified and loving manner.

Can these people really be confident that God will not judge them as they judge others? Let us hope so, for their sakes. Pray for the misguided, and for an end to intolerance and ignorance. Teach love, not hate. Surely, that is the Christian message.

Mourners at Matthew's funeral sing 'Amazing Grace' to drown out the messages of hate.


Mourners sing 'Amazing Grace' to drown the message of hateMourners for MatthewMourners for Matthew


Pictures from the candlelight vigils held across America for Matthew...






..Illustrating the outpouring of love and compassion which this tragic murder has inspired in people.




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