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Welcome to Seshat's Home

Seshat - The Keeper of Records



        The Online Library

         Thank you for your patience! The Library is being expanded even further! You can now access nearly 500,000 texts world wide! Go to Seshat's Records where you will find ten major libraries through which you may download copies of books, articles, and journals. Keep in mind that some of these can not be downloaded in the United States due to copyright law. Books that are read only and not available for downloading contain notations to warn you.


        Photo Links

         Any picture shown in this site will link you to another site that focus' on philosophy, ritual, and forms of paganism. There are currently six active photo link pages, Photo Links page number six is an all new Artisans page! The WNY's Pagan Community page has eight new local links! GreenOwlMother will be adding thirty more photo links, a Faerie page, and a brand new Local Author's Page over the next two weeks! Please, keep those suggestions coming! And of course, if you should ever come across a broken link, please send in a link repair request.


        The Physical Library

         Due to renewed interest, the physical library will soon be back in use. If you have doubles or are looking to donate just to share with the community, please consider the WNY Pagan Library! Seshat will accept any Books, Journals, Newspaper Articles, Magazines, DVD's, Video Tapes, CD's, Audio Tapes, Games, or Learning Kits that you are willing to send her way!


         Please email GreenOwlMother if you have any questions or suggestions concerning the WNY Pagan Library.


A special thank you to all of you who have gone out of your way to send in link suggestions and book donations!



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