Misto's Ultra Shibby Links
In my wanderings throughout netdom I have come across many frightening things. But I've also come across some ultra shibby stuff.
After looking at all my other links pages, and realizing that they were crap, I started to get annoyed. Then one fateful day I came across a page I loved that had about nine hundred banners for their page that you could borrow. I thought "Hey, I want to link them." Cause I really did love that page. But I also realized that I couldn't because none of my links pages housed that kind of weirdness. So I thought, screw this, my current links pages all have shite I was obligated to link for various reasons, I want a page full of links to good pages. Pages I enjoy. Pages made by people who would never associate with me and my lack of knowledge in HTML!

So this page was created that fateful day. And the rest, as they say, is history.
There will be a link and/or banner to each page, then a review, by moi. As well as a rating, because some of the pages I enjoy can get rather raunchy.
The rating system works as follows:

G : A page the whole family can enjoy!
PG : The older kids might like it, but I wouldn't suggest it to your pet 6 year old.
PG-13 : Teenagers and up. You need to be at least somewhat mentally competant to like this page.
R : Adult audiences only. You know whether or not your an adult, so make the choice with a bit of thought on your part.
NC-17 : You need to be over the age of majority in your area (18 in most) to view this page. Please don't go here unless you are old enough, and don't mind seeing a little wierdness. (This does not mean it's porn, just has a lot of adult content). A word for anyone who feels the need to flame me for these links: Flames will be corrected for grammer, laughed at, and returned.

Enjoy the links!

This page is amusingly entitled "Whee! I'm Naked". And no, it's nothing *that* raunchy. But it is utterly amusing. This is the page that had so many awsome banners to choose from that it made me realize I had no where to *put* a banner for it. A truelly ultra-shibby page. It's basically a fan page, full of fiction, wallpaper, and the like. Dedicated to shipper pairings from the gay comic strip Boy Meets Boy, as well as the dark vampire series This Is Home (where the BMB strip originated from). I had a hard time choosing a button, so I used three, one with Cyanide, cause I'm in lust with him. One with Cya and Skids, cause I'm in lust with the pairing. And one with Harley and Mik, cause they are the main attraction *snicker*.

This is the homepage for "Boy Meets Boy". One of the funniest, and raunchiest comic strips I've ever read in my life. The boys are ultra shibby, and so is the animation. The day I found it I read the entire strip in one sitting, took me damn near all night. The page is a hard R, in other words, realize what you are getting into. It's about a gay couple, a very odd gay couple. If you don't mind such things, check it out, You'll fall off your seat laughing. I chose three different banners because once again I couldn't pick one, and I love the banner work these chicks do. All the banners go to the same page. I just wanted to show 'em off.
All Your Base Are Belong To Us!
Probably the only G rated page you're gonna find here *snerk*. And no, there is no banner, though I might make my own for it. And no, it's not supposed to make sense. I'm sure you've heard it at some point, or seen it written somewhere and thought "Wtf? What the hell is All Your Base Are Belong To Us supposed to me??". Well, that is the ultamite question, and one computer junkies, if not all of mankind, has been trying to figure out for decades. Basically, it means "we can't translate this video game worth crap, have fun figuring out how the frell to play it!"
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