Disclaimers and Clarifications

You will notice several things about this page right off the bat. First off, it's an extremely simple layout. This is due to the fact that I know a very basic amount of HTML, just enough to get me by with things like this. Deal with it.
Each link in the pictures section will take you to a page with the singular picture that is linked there. I did this to save on loading time for friends. If I put all of these on one page I would have been lynched by several friends on dial-up. Simple as that.
Secondly, you'll notice that it's all about something called MediaWest*Con. MW*C is a fan run convention held every Memorial Day weekend in Lansing Michigan (click on above link to go to the MWC home page for more info). I've attended MW for four years now. The fandoms represented there are many, and the fans that attend are about as diverse as you could imagine. In short, I love it. I created this page as a place to house all of my pictures from the convention over various years. The pictures are of everything from stuff I bought, to people I met, to places that I spent the majority of my time smoking at.
Mostly, it's just a collection of my really bad pictures, taken from a really cheap disposable camera. A few pictures were donated to me by friends who were at the con as well, and have been posted with permission. Please, do not take any images from this page without my consent. Not that you'd really want to, but thank you for cooperating anyway.
Any question, comments, flames, or anything else of intrest, please email me here.
Okay, that's about it really. On to the pictures.

MediaWest*Con 2004 Pictures

Hey look, I stopped being an asshat and remembered to bring a camera this year! Wheee!

Misto! Me in my Merry&Pippin shirt, leather vest, and "pastede on" button. This was actually taken a day or two after the con when I was starting to recover. But I was still in my con gear, and on my way to develop these pics, so I thought I'd put it in here. Plus is a fairly decent shot of me, and that never frelling happens.

A really crappy pic of me. If I look like death, blame it on the fact that it was the last day and my coat was weighing me down. I couldn't find room in my bags for everything so there was about 40 pounds of shite in my pockets. And yes, I'm wearing a PotC shirt. Isn't it shiny.

My glossies in a mirror. And me in the mirror with the flash on. Apperantly I was having a CameraStupid! moment or something.

More glossies. All glossies in these two pics were actually purchased in previous years, I simply decided to lay them all around our hotel room because I was being goofy and fangirlish.

My hed iz pastede on Yay! Or at least, thats what the button says, you can't really read it in this picture unfortunately. I had to put it up for nostalgic value though.

The Dealers Room on the last day. Kinda dark and blurry. A lot of stuff had already been packed up, but by this point I was just trying to use up film.

The doors between the atrium and the dealers room. All covered in flyers for stuff to do and stuff to buy. This facinates me every damn year. I have yet to figure out why.

The elevator. Also covered in flyers. Look at all the pretty flyers. I said LOOK AT THEM!

A LotR themed door. Pretty nifty really.

A Slash door. Mmmm shiny.

Obligatory "It's Raining Men" door. Hottness.

PotC themed door. Simple, yet it makes me giggle.

Jack O'neill door. An ode to Jack. You can't read the poem in the photo, but it's got a lot of pretty pictures of him.

Vid Weasles door. At least I'm pretty sure it belonged to one of them, but I'm guessing really.

A nifty Pirates door. I thought it was teh pretty.

Door O' Glossies. Shiny. Droolworthy. *drools*

Everything I bought. Well, almost everything. Layed out all nice and pretty on my bed.

Stuff from another angle. I was living the whole 'sleep is a crutch for the weak' thing, so I was just arranging and photographing all my stuff at 4 in the morning on the last night. I ended up collapsing on the bed next to the massive amount of crap and just sleeping like that, it was too much of a pain to move and/or pack it all at that point.

The magnets. A close up of the massive and pointless amount of magnets I bought this year. Is it just a wee bit obvious I had Dom and Billy on the brain that day? Nah...

The fountain in the courtyard. Where I spent most of my time smoking this Con. I like the fountain. It was pretty and full of water. And made me have to pee every time I went outside for a smoke.

The tree outside the 'smokers lounge'. I didn't spend much time out there this year, as I was exploring my newfound love of the fountain in the courtyard, but this is what I used to stare at while I smoked in previous years. Again, simply wasting film. But the lighting was awfully nice that day.

Holiday Inn South. The sign outside the HIS. Taken as I was waiting for my ride to leave the con. I have some odd fixation with their sign too I think. Maybe I should lay off the crack or something.

MediaWest*Con 2003 Pictures

*sigh* I suck, once again I didn't bring a camera to MW. So my pics for 2003 are this one picture of me in my "Misto Ears" which I wore all weekend for unknown reasons *snicker*.

MediaWest*Con 2002 Pictures

Oi, so I didn't bring my camera to MW in 2002. Didn't get any pictures, tho I had a ton taken of me... tho I didn't get any of those sent to me either. Bah.
So here's what I do have, two pictures that the lovely Emony took and sent to me.

The Balloon Hat it will go down in infamy as simply "the balloon hat". The thing was a monstrosity. Some guy makin balloon hats made it for me, it was a mess up that he played around with. We couldn't really decide what it was s'posed to be so I eventually told everyone that I was involved in a lightsaber accident and it got wrapped around my head.

The Hobbits meet Chris Me, Chris and Erica on the last day of the con. Erica and I played hobbits in a skit ('Hobbit Whore And Companion'), Chris was one of our judges (he played Jules Verne on the TV show). This was taken right after Erica and I had out "But I was hoping for the Horn Of Gondor!" buttons made.

MediaWest*Con 2001 Pictures

Well, here they are folks, finally and at last I made it to Meijers, where I used the one hour photo lab, since I knew that if I left the pics there overnight I'd never get back there to pick them up anytime this century.
I then made a trip out to Kinko's and got them scanned in, since my scanner is fried along with my printer.
All in all it cost me an arm, a leg, and my first born child. Acctually it was only like 25 bucks, plus an extra four bucks for this really kickass pen I saw at Kinko's and just had to buy...
Sorry, tangent.
These were all taken over Memorial Day Weekend (last weekend of May) 2001. In Lansing Michigan at the Holiday Inn South.

My Outfit all in all it's my JackDaniels shirt, my camos w/ stargate patches, my purple yo-yo, my MW member badge, my JackDaniels button I made, and of coarse my velcroable SpaceMonkey.

The Smokers Lounge situated in lovely outdoors Michigan while it was pouring. This is Xochiquetzl and Jenne. Jenne was a smoker pal I made, X was just kind enough to come out there and keep us company.

The Muffin Which Wished Not To Be Photo'd or at least that was Grac's reason for why I needed to put my camera away. This is Graculus, Xochiquetzl, and Grac's muffin. All enjoying the lovely warm summer air out in the smokers lounge, as you can tell by G's heavy winter jacket. Strangly enough, neither of these two smoke... and the muffin got three photo's taken of it.

A really kickass door decoration it was the best one IMO. It's of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.
And we're walking...

Kaliaferret out in the smokers lounge enjoying the balmy 40 degree weather. This is what I refer to as my "blackmail photo". And yes, this was another nonsmoker... Why the hell were you people freezing your asses off outside??? Oh wait, you were keeping me company, thats right, nm.

Xochiquetzl taking a picture of me taking a picture. Basically we were bored and had too much film on our hands. But it turned out rather nifty.

Waiting For Lunch, which is exactly what we were doing. It's Waldo, Graculus, and DamnitIKnowHerNameIJustCan'tThinkOfIt (she's a vidweasel, and it WILL come to me eventually).

If You Don't Put That Camera Away You Will Die granted I'm not the best at mind reading, but I think the muffin was taking offence to being photographed by this point, and G wasn't too happy about it either. It's Graculus and myself (Mistoffelees) out in the smokers lounge. I refer to this one affectionatly as "The picture where it looks like Grac's gonna elbow me in the gut if I don't put the fucking camera away."
Blame X, if she hadn't got out her digital I never would have had the guts to start taking pictures at all. It's all her fault. *g*.

All my stuff aka All My Crap. aka How I Spent A Shitload Of Money At MW. basically it's every damn thing I bought at MW all laid out nicely on my floor for a photo. Extra points to anybody who can name every item (which is hard since the scan quality is sucky).

Well, thats it for MW pics, hopefully the page will be added to and rearranged as I go to more cons.

Coming May 2005: MediaWest*Con 25 -or- The Return of the Disposable Camera

Coming May 2004: MediaWest*Con 24 or *crying* someone gimme a fuckin camera!

Coming in November: Eclecticon, Newark, New Jersey. (or How To Drive Graculus Insane With 24 Exposures Or Less.)


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