Links, enjoy
Stargate Command The SGC is a place where i spend a lot of my time. mostly building up points to get prommoted. Right now i am Captain Kitt SG-12 Medical, Emergency Unit. As well as Master Sergant Mistoffelees SG-7 Scientific.

The Jedi Apprentice Fanfic Archive This is an archive of a TON of good JA universe based stories. If you liked what you read here check it out. Its where i got my start.

The good ship Loonybits Just another little POLLGE thing.

Angus It's a group i have belonged to for about 4 years. I have met many friends their. We are kind of insane, and thats what keeps us going. There are some from michigan, chicago, and even AussieLand. Its also where the C.C.O. sprang from.

The Onion Kind of a crazy little newspaper that rips on everything it can.

The Spark Quizzing amusement.

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