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We are Jenny and Dave.  We have been married since 1994.  When we purchased our home Dave wanted a dog.  Jenny was adamantly opposed to getting a dog of any kind.  After a year of pleading, Dave convinced Jenny to at least consider a dog.  Jenny figured they would go to the pound and pick one out.  However, to her surprise, Dave wanted to go to a breeder for a pure bred dog.  The thought of getting any dog let alone paying for one was almost more than Jenny could fathom.  However, she conceded but not without giving Dave strict parameters for searching for the breed.  She didn't like the idea of a little yippy dog, she wanted to be able to hug the dog, she wanted short hair, mellow temperament, low energy, extremely sweet, etc.  Well, after searching the internet, Dave found that only the mastiff and the great dane met nearly all of Jenny's criteria.  So, he made appointments with the 2 closest breeders.  We did no other research into the breeds.  We didn't know about any health issues,  temperament issues, drool, etc.

One Saturday morning in October of 1996 we set out to go "look" at the dogs.  We met the mastiffs first.  This was just an introduction, not a commitment.  The minute we drove into the driveway of the breeder's home we felt we had entered Jurasic Park.  The beasts that greeted us were so HUGE, yet gentle and obviously sweet, that Jenny's interest was growing by the minute.  There were 2 newborn litters there and Jenny fell instantly in love.  Needless to say, we never made it to the appointment with the great dane breeder.  Jenny even chose her little girl that day (she was only 2 weeks old) though the breeder told her to wait until they matured.  We went back every weekend until we could take our little girl home at 8 weeks of age.  And on that day, Emily (the 2 week old puppy that Jenny chose) went home with us.  We have been hooked ever since and believe the gods were smiling down on us that day.  How did we get so lucky?  It must have been fate that brought us to the mastiff breeder first.  Thank God!

So here we are, all these years later, so involved in the dog world that we can't remember back to our life without mastiffs.  We hope we will never have to know what that is like again.  Jenny looks back and wonders, "Who was that woman who didn't want a dog?  She was so misguided and was missing out on so much!"

Today, we are proud members of the Mastiff Club of America
(MCOA) and the Pacific Southwest Mastiff Club (PSMC) and are bound by their codes of ethics.  Jenny is currently serving as President after having served three terms as Secretary for the PSMC.  In addition, we are members of West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club (WLAOTC) and have achieved a number of obeience titles with our dogs.  Our dogs are trained and certified AKC Canine Good Citizens and participate in Animal Assisted Therapy.  We continue to be dedicated to providing the highest quality of life for our loving companions.    We hope that you have found our story at least entertaining if not inspiring and that you will use the information here as a resource.  We also hope that you will find answers to questions you may have. We ask that you pass on what you learn to others.  It is only through education that we can ensure that our noble breed will be honored and cherished in the manner in which it was meant to be.

We at OceanAire are not big breeders and we selectively breed very occasionally.  The welfare of the dogs and the mastiff breed in general are of utmost importance to us.  All our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee.  Beautiful, healthy mastiffs with unparalleled temperaments, excellent sound movement, large bone, and typey heads with lots of wrinkle and expression are our top priorities in our breeding program.  We expect our dogs to look as beautiful moving as they do standing still.  We also expect our mastiffs to excel in and out of the dog show ring as champions of conformation, obedience, therapy work, and as family companions.  Our committment goes beyond our dogs and extends to the families who own our dogs.  We are here to offer support and guidance for the dog's entire life.  Once you own an OceanAire mastiff, you are part of our family forever.  That is why we carefully screen our buyers and sell puppies only to those who meet our high standards of care for this breed
Our Dogs are Proudly OWNER HANDLED!
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