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Slayers Eternal

MARCH 2004Obviously, this site hasn't been updated in over a year. It's just that I realized that the fanfiction, well, sucks. BUT I didn't totally lose interest. Recently, I gave Niriko (and Louie, who is now officially Ruuei) a complete and total redesigning as well as Slayers Eternal itself. Chame, Shunozike, and Yamato have all been cut from the newer version (and so were Filia, Jillas, and Gravos...can we say "too many characters"?), which I am currently working on. It's still generally the same plot-wise, but it's taken on a whole different light, and it doesn't suck. As far as I know, Sammi has also completely revamped her character, Kadachi, but she's neglected to give me the updated information as of now. -_- ANYWAY, the new Slayers Eternal series is going to take me a while since I'm really working hard on it. (Oh, and a major thing I changed about Eternal - I cut out the fact that all the fan characters had entered in the first original series, making them totally new to both the readers and original characters - Lina, etc. - in Eternal.) I think I may even make myself a totally new site (and let's face it, people...this site's layout suuuucks). For now, you can check out my new art site at mad-as-sin.com and my up-and-coming webcoming, True Confessions of a Theatre Geek.

Last updated: October 2002

Hello! This is MadiRaq (sometimes referred to as "Madi-chan"), a.k.a. Niriko Inverse here in the Slayers world! For those of you who have no idea what Slayers is...well, you shouldn't be on this site, then! But for those who watch the anime, let me explain to you exactly what Slayers Eternal is and who helped create it.
First of all, Slayers Eternal is a fanfic series that comes directly after Slayers Try. I, MadiRaq, and my two best friends, Heathy-chan and Sammi-chan, have created a fanfic world of Slayers Eternal. We have each created some fanfic characters...go to each character's profile (the profile index is further down this page) and find out about them!
There are, of course, other fanfic series, and what I like to call fanfic episodes to the original series. You see, most of our fanfic characters come in the first Slayers series, and one in Slayers Next. However, we have not written out these fanfic episodes quite yet, so hang in there!

Yay! I finally got a scanner! The backgrounds (which I am making myself) will be up soon...and I will also be making a Slayers Backgrounds section in the Art Galleries!

There are plenty of things to see—not to mention the episodes of Slayers Eternal! (Which, by the way, is not finished yet...n.n;;) Here is a list of things to do on my site, including the character profiles. (You should probably go there first.)
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