ATTACK: The attackman's responsibility is to score goals. He generally restricts his play to the offensive end of the field. The only time an attackman would come to the defensive end is if one of the midfielders stayed up, but this rarely happens. The attackman are usually the smallest on the team, bu the best stick handlers.The attackman uses a stick that averages in length of about 41 inches. It  is shorter than the defenseman's, mostly for better ball control.

MIDFIELD: The midfielder's responsibility is to cover the whole field playing both offense and defense. It is the midfielder who takes the face - offs. The midfielder uses the same stick that an attackman uses, again, it  is shorter than the defenseman's, mostly for better ball control. 

DEFENSE: The defenseman's responsibility is to protect the goal, and not let anyone by them. It is a particularly hard position because you need to be able to shoot righty or lefty. There are many checks defenseman use to get the ball away from the opponent. Defenseman use very long sticks, usually between 52" - 72" in length. They are sometimes refered to as "broom sticks."
     POKE CHECK - Poke the opponents stick about belly-button high when he is coming right at you.
     SLAP CHECK - When running along side an attackman, simply slap his gloves or stick with your          stick
     WRAP CHECK - When behind an opponent, let go of your stick with your weak hand, and slap the       opponents stick with yours.
     OVER THE HEAD - When behind an opponent, simply reach over his head and slap his stick, be          careful not to grab him, or you will be called for holding.
     BUTT - END - Use the butt - end of your stick to slap the bottom of your oppnents stick, then hit        the head with your head.

GOALTENDER: The goalie's responsibility is to protect the goal and to stop the opposing team from scoring. The goalies domain is a 18' circle called the crease. No player on the opposing team may step into the crease. Goalies generally use the same size shafts as defenseman, but have a much larger head and unlimited pocket-depth to stop the ball.





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