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Welcome to My CCG Haves! All cards listed on this page are all my extras that are available for trade. The number to the right of the card title is the amount of extras I have of that card for trade. If you're ready to trade please click the Contact link above and let me know.

Magic The Gathering

Other CCG's

7th Edition

FYI: The following cards are all Commons.
Angelic Page                x 1
Circle of Protection: Black x 1
Circle of Protection: White x 1
Knight Errant               x 2
Shield Wall                 x 1
Coral Merfolk               x 1
Flight                      x 1
Force Spike                 x 2
Giant Octopus               x 2
Horned Turtle               x 1
Remove Soul                 x 1
Twiddle                     x 1
Corrupt                     x 1
Dark Banishing              x 1
Duress                      x 2
Nausea                      x 1
Serpent Warrior             x 1
Spineless Thug              x 1
Goblin Chariot              x 1
Goblin Diggin Team          x 1
Goblin Elite Infantry       x 1
Granite Grip                x 3
Reflexes                    x 1
Volcanic Hammer             x 1
Grizzly Bear                x 2
Lone Wolf                   x 1

Cut-Ups Project: On the Edge

Duped and Narcotized Masses (Resourse)
Chaos Chancer               (Condition)
Mircea?                     (Surrealist Sculptor)
Deific Aura                 (Condition)
Blatant Scam                (Environmental)
The Dimension of Gnerust    (Resource)
Claude-Lucien Rouvier       (Fashion Designer)
John Isidor                 (Imaginary Bloodsucker)
Isil Ziya                   (Cipher)
Unified Conspiracy Theory   (Environmental)

Vampire The Eternal Struggle: Dark Sovereigns

Aura Reading
Disputed Territory
Autarkis Persecution
Thrown Gate
Delaying Tactics
Drawing Out the Beast
Praxis Seizure: Atlanta
Nimble Feet
Donal O'Connor


Star Trek Warp Packs x 25

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