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W e l c o m e

Welcome and thanks for visiting my trading cards website! I'm a 25 year old male out of chicago who's been collecting trading cards ever since I could remember. Ah the old days when a pack of trading cards only cost one shiny quarter. Those were the days! The purpose for this site is to be able to find other trading card collectors like me so that we may help eachother find those cards that are still missing from our sets. Ever since I put this website on the net I've had many successful trades with many honest and very good traders that have led to getting me closer to finishing my sets. I'm hoping to help you finish your sets as well, even though I might not have much to trade at times. Thanks once again for visiting my site and lets trade!

January 16, 2005

Happy belated new year! I'm finally updating this website after almost a year. Things come up in life that don't give you time for other things, especially if they are things you enjoy a lot. Work, for instance, is the number one culprit for disabling me from making any updates.

The newes additon to my trading post here is my Good/Bad Traders list. The list will include all the people I've traded successfully with before and their website address where they list their non-sport have/need lists if applicable. Hopefully this year I'll be able to obtain some more cards to expand my collection and my Haves as well. Take care everyone and happy trading.


May 17, 2004

Hey everyone good may to ya! On this update I've included a Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 (2004) extras entry. My local 7Eleven carries these great new GPK cards and I'm starting my own collection. Any extras I encounter will face their destiny and be listed in my Haves section under the Non-sport subcategory. So far just one sticker from the "b" set and one foil sticker but many more to be listed once I buy more packs :P. I've also added a different color to the individually listed numbers pertaining to the cards I have/need so that the distinction between the set title and the cards listed can be a little bit easier on your eyes. Who said I don't love ya? :P (probably some NON Non-sports trader! :o Anyway now to get back to my beatiful day off from work and go Bar-Bee-Q!


April 11, 2004

My Haves/Extras section has been updated with a big hand full of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within cards and as well as another handful of Playboy Centerfold Collectors Cards: April Edition in the Adult Haves sections. Also I'm looking to buy any extra boxes that you may have for sale of non-sport trading cards.

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