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Hi!   I was in my first obedience trials this year.  Mom started me in Pre-Novice to get us both comfortable in the ring.  I received a 2nd and a 3rd place, so I guess we did OK.  We were in our first Novice class today and I qualified with a nice score and a 4th place.   Mom is so proud, because I was so shy, she says this is a really big accomplishment for me!

Mom trains us with love, respect and kindness.  We don't use any training collars - just plain buckle collars.  We sometimes use clickers and get treats, praise and playtime as rewards for doing a good job.  

I really love Rally Obedience.  We just went to a seminar recently given by our great friend, Sue Oakes with a match afterwards.  Sue and her German Shepherd Dog, Thunder, are among the world's first Rally O title holders!  Sue is also an approved Rally judge with the  APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).   I earned my Rally level 1 title, Magna Cum Laude and am still working on my traditional obedience.

Rally is cool because Mom can talk to me the whole time.  I don't get as distracted when she talks to me. Above is a picture of me and Cinder from the Rally match.  We were in a run-off for 4th place in the second round.  



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