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Cinder's First Obedience Trial

NYASCA Show 5 13 01

3rd Place ~ Pre-Novice

Cinder's Fist Obedience Leg

NYASCA Show 9 15 01

4th Place ~ Novice B


Pinnacle MisTori Cinderella, AX, OAJ, EAC-V, OAC, NJC, RS-N, CD, ASCA CD, DSR, TDIAOV, R2-MCL, VCCX


Hi!  I have earned my AKC and ASCA novice obedience titles.  Now on to the fun stuff - open and utility!

Mom trains us with love, respect and kindness.  We don't use any training collars - just plain buckle collars.  We sometimes use clickers and get treats, praise and playtime as rewards for doing a good job.


We just found out about the new sport called RALLY OBEDIENCE.  It is so much fun!

Rally Obedience was invented by Bud Kramer, the man responsible for bringing Agility from Europe to the US. It is the newest dog sport to catch the fancy of the canine set. Recognizing the need for more excitement in competition to attract new fans to the concept of obedience, Kramer combined the free-flowing style of an agility course with the skill required to perform obedience exercises. Rally O places more emphasis on attitude than precision.

Our great friend, Sue Oakes (one of the world's first Rally O title holders and APDT  Rally O Judge) recently gave a seminar about Rally with a match afterwards.  It is so much more relaxing than regular obedience because you are allowed, even encouraged to talk to your dog throughout the course. It is not as easy as it sounds though - some of the maneuvers are pretty tricky.  Mom didn't like the spirals 'cause they made her dizzy.  

I've earned my APDT rally level 1 & 2 titles and am now working for championship points.  Wish me luck!




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