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GSASA ASCA/NADAC AGILITY TRIALS ~ September 8-9, 2001 ~ Augusta, New Jersey

Hi!  My Name is Cinder and I love to play agility.  I am a 2-year old female Sheltie.  Mom and I ran in our first trial this weekend! We had a blast!  The weather was beautiful and a lot of our friends were there.  Mom was pretty nervous, but once she relaxed, I did much better.  I love to go really fast - ZOOM!  Mom is a slowpoke, so she's working on handling me from a distance, so I don't have to slow down for her.  Sometimes I don't have the patience to do all the weave poles, but we're working on that.  Hope to see you at a trial soon!

Cinder's NADAC Agility Debut


Hi Everyone!  We had another great trial.  We were much more relaxed.  Mom slipped on wet grass and almost fell down- I was a good girl though, I watched Mom and went right where she told me and saved the run!  I did very good weave poles today and went really fast.  Agility is so much fun!!!

Hi Everyone!  We've been having a lot of fun at the trials.  Here are some more pictures.  The first one is with my "brother", Pierce.  Wow, what a day we had.  So much fun!  Pierce and I ran really well.  I got my first three agility titles - NADAC Novice Agility Certificate,  AKC Novice Agility and AKC Novice Agility Jumpers.  I also earned 2 legs in AKC Open Standard this spring.   Mom's real proud of me.  Guess I'm proud too!

Cinder & Pierce Bayshore Trial

"It doesn't get much better than this!"

Cinder & Pierce Skyline Agility Trial

Cinder - NADAC Novice Agility Certificate

Cinder - AKC Novice Agility Title

Cinder's AKC Agility Debut

Cinder - Kruisin' Kanine's NADAC Trial

"Wow, these Ribbons are almost as big as me!"

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~Afghan Hound AKC Trial ~

1st Place Open Standard

2nd Place Novice Jumpers - NAJ Title





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