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National Weather Service - Eastern Region Headquaters
Wilmington, Ohio
KHB-36 @ 162.550 MHz
Alternate homepage
Listen live: (MP3) | Manassas, VA
Alternate feed: (MP3)
KIH-42 @ 162.550 MHz
Alternate homepage
Listen live: (MP3) | Covington, KY
Alternate feed: (MP3) (Real) (MP3)
WXM-73 @ 162.400 MHz
Listen live: (MP3) | Moorefield, WV
Alternative feed: (MP3)
KIG-86 @ 162.550 MHz
Listen live: (MP3) | Columbus, OH
Alternate feed: (MP3)
KZZ-28 @ 162.450 MHz
Listen live: (MP3) | Covesville, VA
WXJ-46 @ 162.475 MHz
Listen live: (MP3) | Dayton, OH


United Kingdom & Ireland
The time and date now in the UK and Ireland.

Media UK - radio, tv, magazines & newspapers
Ireland Media Links
Frequency Finder
UK and Ireland

UK & Irish Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet
DX Radio
A guide to Irish radio stations
vTuner: UK | Ireland
Celtic Traditions
BBC | World | America
Community Media Association
BCI Licensed Stations (Ireland)
Digital Radio Now
AIRCHECK! - UK & Ireland Radio History - Online Maps to Everywhere

Radio News

from Ireland

and beyond

Webmaster's note: RSL (Restricted Service License) stations are stations within the United Kingdom which operate on a temporary basis. The newslinks above contain links to a listing of RSLs currently operating but unfortunately do not contain website addresses or audio feeds. To determine if any of the RSLs listed has a website and/or audio feed simply copy and paste the station's name and location into the search box of a search engine of your choice to see if any appear in the returned results. Irish temporary stations are covered in the "Radio Waves" website. A link to online maps is also provided for those who wish to plot the location of the stations being listened to.

Local Area Directories

97 : Baltimore's Pure Rock - Baltimore, MD
This station is operated by McKay Cousin Craig Shipp and is based in Frederick, Maryland.
Listen live: (WMP 20k) (MP3)
24 hour bluegrass music (Washington, DC)
Thousands of broadcasters around the world
are waiting for you to tune in and listen.
Eagle Rock, VA

TV 3 Winchester (VA) | NewsChannel 8 (DC) | MHz Networks (DC)
DATV - Dayton Access Television (OH) | Fairfax Public Access (VA)

DCRTV - Washington DC/Baltimore Area Radio/TV/Media

Central Maryland Radio and Television

Greater Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio Radio Guide

The Columbus Ohio FM Radio Dial
Temporary AM listing
Covers Franklin County and the Columbus metro area.

Southwestern Ohio Radio Stations (Internet only)
A sub-section of 'Radio Directories'
(In the vicinity of the Collett-McKay Picnic Grounds)
Covering the greater Cincinnati, Dayton & Columbus metro areas.

Ohio Webcast Directory

Ohio Media Watch | Virginia Media News & Information

Roanoke Radio

PBRTV - Pittsburg Area Radio & TV Stations

Southern Pennsylvania Radio and Television

Western North Carolina Radio and Television Stations
* * * Under construction * * *

New Jersey Radio and Television Stations

valley league baseball SPORTS ZONE

Tybois Uphold's website

General Directories
If you cannot find the radio station stream or
website in the above list, try looking here.

Radio Station World
Your Global Radio Station Directory
Selected listings: VA | DC | MD | DE | NJ | PA | WV | OH | NC | SC
United Kingdom | Ireland | Nova Scotia

TV Station Web Page Directory
Selected listings: VA | DC | MD | DE | NJ | PA | WV | OH | NC | SC
United Kingdom | Ireland | Nova Scotia

The Stream Center
US Stations Broadcasting on the Net
Selected listings: VA | DC | MD | DE | NJ | PA | WV | OH | NC | SC

The Stream Centre (Canada)
Callsign | Location | Province | Format

Australian Radio Online
New Zealand Radio & Television

formerly the MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet


Audio feeds:

Old Bethel Church, Collett-McKay Picnic Grounds
Rockland, VA, Waterford, VA, Paris, VA
VA | DC | MD | DE | NJ | PA | WV | OH | NC | SC | Nova Scotia

Live Internet Radio Broadcasts Around the World
Selected listings: VA | DC | MD | DE | NJ | PA | WV | OH | NC | SC

France, Germany and Netherlands & vicinity
The majority of our non United Kingdom & Ireland ancestors
came from countries in this region of Europe.

Het Gelders Geluid
Really good Dutch Internet station.

Austria | Belgium | France | Germany
Liechtenstein | Luxembourg | Netherlands

Austria | Belgium | France | Germany
Liechtenstein | Luxembourg | Netherlands

Austria | Belgium | France | Germany
Liechtenstein | Luxembourg | Netherlands

Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional
Listen live: (WMP) | More live feeds at UnoRed.
Heard in the eastern USA at night on 530 AM from a
transmitter located on Caicos Island in the West Indies.
More live Spanish language stations:
Lo GRATIS | Radio Cristiana | |
en8848's Radio World: Live Latin American Radio Stations
Zona Latina: The Latin American Media Site

Two more Caribbean Stations heard at night:
ZIZ Live..the Pulse of the Eastern Caribbean
GBN - Grenada Broadcasting Network
More Caribbean radio: Brien's Caribbean Radio Guide

Also heard at night on 530 AM:
AM 530 Multicultural Radio (CIAO - Brampton, Ontario)
Catholic Radio Toronto
Used to have programmes on CIAO but now broadcast only on the Internet.

North Myrtle Beach, SC
Listen live: (WMP)
24 hour information station for
the City of North Myrtle Beach.
DixieBroadcasting.Com  The Powerful Voice of Today's Southern Movement.  Dixie, GA

All Southern Rock

Country Music Television
CMT Radio | CMT Video

.977 Music
A New Generation of Radio

Monkeylick Radio

Philippine Radio Listings
The | vTuner listing | TV Radio World
Pinoy stations from Shoutcast &
Pinoy Radio | Joko Jun | PhilRadio International
The Philippine Love Radio | Radio TV Philippines Network | Radyo Filipino | Visayan Entertainment Network | Sadulawit Radio | Faith Radio Ministries
WXB 102 Forever | The Rock of Manila
Tagalog Dictionary | English = Tagalog Dictionary
Philippine On-Line Dictionary |
FilipinoWeb.Com | Philippine News Central dot com

News from the Philippines

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Zip Code Signal
Find the field strengths of AM day, AM Night and FM stations
within U.S. postal zip codes throughout the U.S.

Hellas Angels (ELLAS)
Greek music

MSN Video
The Police Scanner Info-Portal!

NOAA Weather Radio
Some stations have live Internet feeds.
Bringing Live Air Traffic Control to the Internet

Paul Harvey - The Voice of the New Millennium

radio paradise

Relax Online

Live365 Internet Radio
Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations

XM Radio

Web TV List from Elliott Broadcast Services

FCC FM Radio Database Query
This also has links to the FCC AM Radio Database Query
and also the FCC TV Database Query
The Web Resource For Radio Hobbyists

LWCA Longwave Home Page

William Hepburn's TV & Radio DX Information Centre

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