This is small project that shows an animation of a fireworks rocket going off a 5x7 LED dot matrix array.  The microcontroller used is an ATMEGA32 from Atmel.  A much smaller microcontroller could have been used, but the ATMEGA32 was already on the solderless breadboard and the ATMEGA32 also has great debugging capabilities through the J-tag header.
The red LED array module is part number LDM-07457NI, from Lumex.  Any LED array that has an X-Y configuration could be used.  The microcontroller steps through the LED matrix lighting one row at a time.  Since the row lighting is done very quickly, it looks like more than one row is lit at a time.  Five, 2N3904 NPN transistors were used to boost the current handling capabilities of the I/O pins on the microcontroller. 
The inspiration for building this circuit was an LED sign seen at a wedding in November of 2005.  Obviously, the LED sign had a much larger LED matrix and was brighter.  Anyway, the fireworks animation on the sign was very eye catching. 
A schematic, source code, and a photo of the circuit on a solderless breadboard are included.   A permanent circuit board was not built since the circuit is more of curiosity than a practical circuit.

Fireworks Animation (ATMEL ATMEGA32)
Matt Meerian
(The downloads are at the bottom of the page)
Fireworks Animation schematic (PDF format)
Fireworks Animation source code (WinAVR 3.4.1)
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Author:  Matt Meerian
Last Modified:  January 25, 2010
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