This is a six legged robot I did in 2001. He is about 12 inchs long (about 30cm) and about 6 inches tall (about 15cm).  Nails is a remote controlled by a LINX RF receiver module.  A terminal program on the desktop computer is used to send commands to the robot.  Here is the Basic X source code for the microcontroller on the robot.  The code should be commented well enough so that it is easy to understand what is going on.  The schematic for nails seems to missing at the moment.
The "not quite autonomous" robot uses 2 servos per leg to move the "nails" up, down, forward and backward.  I.E. Two degrees of freedom per leg

Nails side view
This is the left side of Nails.  He doesn't have his batteries installed at the moment.  The tall, black object near the top of the photo is a DC/DC converter from Lambda.  The frame is made mostly out of angled aluminum from a local hardware store.  

Nails Front View
This is a front view of Nails. This gives a much better view of the legs and how they are put together. The circuit board in front is used for structural support.  The green, black, and white sphere between the two upper servos is a gameboy camera.  

Author:  Matt Meerian
Last Modified:  January 25, 2010
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