Mobile Robot Application:

A procedure to attach a baby stroller wheel to an automobile window motor.

Window motors from surplus catalogs have a square shaft, which makes attaching a wheel difficult.  What follows is a procedure to attach a stroller wheel (which was also bought from a surplus catalog) to a window motor.  Hopefully, the excessive amount of pictures will make up for the inadequate text.

Parts needed:
        Quantity        Description
        ---------        -----------
            2                    1 inch, 6-32 machine screws
            4                    6-32 washers
            2                    0.375 inch, 6-32 machine screws
            4                    #6 hex nuts
            1                    HI-LEX motor, part number DG-PWH6A  (any motor with a 0.375 inch square shaft)
            1                    2 inch length of 0.375 angled aluminum from a local hardware store

Tools needed:
    -drill and bits
    -screw driver

First, cut a 2 inch length of the 0.375 inch angled aluminum.

Center the angled aluminum on the shaft of the motor, there should be a snug fit.  Mark drill holes on the side of the aluminum.  Be sure holes don't hit the motor shaft.
al cut

Drill two holes on the backside of the aluminum between the two holes just drilled and the outside edge of the aluminum.
Al drilled

Use the two 6-32, 1 inch, machine screws to tighten the aluminum down on the shaft.
al on motor

Turn the motor on.  Hold a pencil still over the running motor to make circles on the aluminum.
al on motor with screws

Take the piece of aluminum off of the motor.  Take the screws out of the aluminum.  Place the piece of aluminum over the baby stroller wheel so the circles on the aluminum line up with the shaft center of the baby stroller wheel.  Mark the position of the two holes in the aluminum on the stroller wheel with a pencil.  Drill where the pencil marks are located.
Use the 6-32, 0.375 inch, screw to attach the angled aluminum to baby stroller wheel.
wheel with AL

Use the 6-32, 1 inch ,screws to attach the aluminum to the motor shaft.
(front view)
mounted 1

(rear view)
motor mount 2

Tighten the screws 6-32, 1 inch screws.  Be sure to use the four washers.  Check for any wobbling in the wheel.  If there is wobbling, loosen the screws and adjust wheel.

final inside view:
final inside

Final outside view:
final outside
  (I added a reflective black-white pattern to count the number of wheel rotations)

Thatís it!  Youíre done.

Author:  Matt Meerian
Last Modified:  January 25, 2010
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