Latest Electronics Projects:

small view of the robin trap
Robin Trap (Atmel ATTiny13)
A carbard box is used to potentially catch a robin trying to fight off his reflection.

3D LED cube
3D LED Cube (Atmel ATMEGA16)
This 5x5 LED matrix vibrates up and down at 10 Hz.  The display then shows three-dimensional images in a 5x5x5 matrix. (Visual Basic 2008 is used to create the images)

Two Displays
Christmas Display (Atmel ATTiny861)
This display is meant to sit in a window and display various holiday images to passing pedestrians.  The LED's are arranged in a 8 x 16 array.

Ferris Intercom
Ferris Intercom (Atmel ATTiny2313)
This simple project uses an MP3 player to give the illusion a visitor to your front door is talking to actual person.

blue clock
Blue Clock (Atmel ATMega8535)
Several of these clocks were made to give out as Christmas gifts.  Some of features are a dimmed display at night, keeping the time during a power failure,  and a reasonably loud alarm.

Bucket Moustrap
Bucket Mousetrap (Atmel ATTiny2313) 
(59,000 YouTube views!)
This project uses a solenoid (electromagnet) to release an inverted bucket, which drops over a mouse.  The mouse triggers the trap by blocking light between one of four infrared emitter/detector pairs.

Ultrasonic and IR scanner
Ultrasonic and Infrared scanner (Atmel ATMega32)
This project has an ultrasonic (Maxbotix) and infrared (Sharp) distance sensor mounted on a hobby servo.  The distance information is graphed on a knockoff Nokia 6100 LCD.  (4096 colors, 1.2 inches (3cm) across, and 128x128 pixels)  AVRGCC was used.

graphical alarm clock
Graphical Alarm Clock (Atmel ATMega32)
The Graphical Alarm Clock displays the current time and date on a 2.8 inch graphical display.  The alarm clock has several interesting features and has replaced the alarm clock in my bedroom.  AVRGCC was used.     

remote control fan
Remote Control Fan (Atmel AT90S2313)
This Remote Control Fan Project allows a box fan to be controlled through an infrared remote.  Atmel assembly language was used.

car runtime computer
Car Runtime Computer (Atmel AT90S8515)
The Car Run Time computer logs the number of times a vehicle has been started and the number of hours in operation.  All this is done through the 12V accessories line coming from the vehicle.  AVRGCC was used.     

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Author: Matt Meerian
Last Modified: August 15, 2010