Welcome to Web Wanderings...

I originally created this website to use as a place to keep my homework for my online html classes for Web Tech University. I have since decided to add a few more pages as I continue my "web wanderings." You can still view all of my pages I created for my Web Tech classes by clicking on the link to the left.

I've already taken a few of their classes and you can find my certificates below! Clicking on the certificates will take you to the pages I originally created for that class.

You might want to take a look at the beginning of this journey to learn cyber code. Before Web Tech University, I was trying to learn how to use Paint Shop Pro by Jasc. During that class, the desire to use my psp designs on the web grew. But since I didn't know how to even work with a web editor, I needed help. That's when I turned to Web Tech University to learn HTML. To see the beginning, my first attempts of my psp class, click on the Graphic Buds Logo below:

Graphic Buds Logo

HTML 101 Certificate HTML Tables Certificate
HTML Forms Certificate HTML Frames Certificate
HTML 201 Certificate future CSS Certificate
PSP 101 Certificate

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