Last updated February 17th
version 2.0
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My hard work on my new version paid off. I won a prestigious award from the International Association of Web Masters & Designers.

When you run your mouse over the "main menu" bar, you will have the links to the other pages of my site. I recomend checking out "my accord" to get  background information on my car and what I plan on doing to it. The "my pics" section is very scarce right now, but I plan on getting a digital camera soon. Also check out the "links" section to see the 3geez network and don't forget to visit the "3geez message board" after you leave to see the following this generation accord has. Hope you enjoy my site and please check everything out and come back often. Also, please don't forget to sign my guestbook

                                                  -Marc Nuzzolese
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