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Relax, be seated and stay a while! Welcome to my Eponine shrine, the quiet part of the Barricade where Eponine lay wounded. Feel free to have a good look around and visit as many of the links as you like. If you came here in a webring, you'll find it further down this page but before you go on your way take a good look around first.

If you don't know already, Eponine is one of the most popular characters in the novel and musical "Les Misérables". She is a poignant, tragic figure. When she is first introduced into the story she is well off and well looked after but then her family lose what they had and she winds up in poverty and part of her father's criminal gang. She also forgoes all her hopes and dreams to see Marius Pontmercy, the man she loves, happy and dies protecting him. This site is dedicated to her. Here you will find fan fiction, humour and info on her such as actresses who've played her and a profile. Use the icons to follow the links.


3 November 2003: Recurring theme here. There are actually a few things I've added but just not mentioned and I'm sure you've noticed them. This time around I've changed the wording slightly (due to a rant I saw on a Livejournal which kinda had me wrong). Anyway, more to come soon!

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