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My Goal is to tell people how Drunk Driving can affect your life and the lives of those you love.

I lost my little sister on April 21,1996 because someone decided to drink and drive. Learn a little about her and how she was killed.
Think before you drink and drive, it could be you or someone you love that you save.
Below you will find some helpful links and please remember to sign the guestbook. Have a nice day and drive safe.


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20 Years of Making a Difference
Click to learn more about 20 years of MADD history

Compassionate Friends Growth House NCADD, Inc.
Victim's Right to Speak Parents Bereavement Crisis, Grief, & Healing (Tom Golden's Page)
Fernside Online- A center for grieving children Join Together Online Students Against Destructive Decisions
U.S.DOJ's Office for Victims of Crimes National Victims CenterDignity of Victims Everywhere
Bereaved Families Online MADDChildren's Defense Fund
Zero Tolerance For DUI A DUI ProposalPADD

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