Carol's RNY
Look at me now!!!

Can you sense a change of attitude here?? 
Yes, I did think I was happy at my heighest weight
but just look at me now!
Hi!  I'm Carol, a happy WLS survivor. As you can see I've got myself a website and my own domain name   Welcome to my little corner of the internet and save it to your favorites so you can come back and visit now and again.  At this time, I have lost 200lbs!  Isn't that incredible?   Even I find this hard to believe.   A huge life change in just three years.    I have never been a successful dieter, so this wonderful success is definitely foreign to me.  I now weigh in the 160's and some call me skinny, Isn't that a hoot!  A very long way from the 362 I was before surgery.  I'm still working towards losing more weight but I'm really happy with a 200 lb weight loss that I can successfully maintain.   More importantly I'm learning how to maintain my weight.  Not as easy as I'd like it to be.   Every day is a challenge, some days more than others.

I had open RNY Gastric Bypass on 4/15/02  performed by Dr Barry Fisher here in Las Vegas.  Dr Fisher is the most kind and caring surgeon (not to mention in your face) I've ever met and I have a few surgeries under my belt to use as comparison.  Doc is different in ways you can only imagine.   He hosts an online chat group every Monday night for pre and post ops.    He also knows each and every one of us and beams with pride at our accomplishments.    Doc is the man I trusted with my life and the man I thank daily for the fact I now know a quality life.

OK back to me.....I had been a food server for 27 yrs when I started making life changes.  Little did I think WLS was in my future at that time.  After leaving the restaurant business, (which only added to my weight issues due to non-stop grazing)   I was employed at one of the local casinos in their HR department and later transferred to Room Reservations.  My weight increased month to month as I was significantly less active in this desk job.  After 5 plus years I changed jobs again seeking employment with a local insurance company.   Yes, another desk job however I had contact with customers not only on the phone but in person.   Walking was becoming more and more of an issue as I was out of breath frequently just going to greet the customer and bringing them to my desk.  I could barely fit behind the wheel of my car nevermind turnstiles and chairs with arms.

My sister Sue, has lost a great deal of weight through surgery and was always supportive and gently persuasive when it came to contact with what I thought of as "her" weight loss group. She was always the obese sister, I knew I'd never get that big or so I kept telling my self.   To my surprise and dismay she had surgery 3 yrs before me and slowly lost her weight and passed me by leaving me in her dust. I was shocked into looking at myself and my own quality of life.  One Saturday morning the bolt of lightening struck and I realized that I was not going to live much longer at the rate I was going.  Where would I be in 5 yrs?  Where would I shop?  Would I even leave my home?  Life was closing down, my world was becoming smaller and smaller as I grew larger and larger.  I had finally seen the light!  

I started attending Doc's seminars and bringing my friends with me.  My closest friends were afraid I'd die if I didn't do something about my weight yet they were also scared for my life knowing I was considering this surgery.  They came and were supportive in spite of their fears.  There is so much information to absorb and it was a chance for them to meet Doc.   I did hours and hours of research trying to decide which surgery was best for me?  I briefly considered the Lap Band procedure but due to previous stomach surgery (hysterectomy and gall bladder)  this was not an option for me.   On more than one evening I looked at before and after pictures trying to see what I might look like after the surgery.  Who was most like me?  After many hours of computer time researching, reading other patients stories I settled on Open RNY.    Doc had done over 700 of these procedures successfully at that time and I figured that you just can't argue with success. 

Testing had to be done.  My insurance would not pay, not that I was surprised and I had to figure out how to get this life saving surgery.  The only option for me, was to refinance my home and use the equity in my home to pay for surgery.  So I did.  I was now able to have the surgery as a cash pay as I waited patiently for my office visit with Doc to see if he would even accept me as a patient.  Doc does not accept everyone.   You have to be sincere and in good health.   Yes obese people can be in good health outside of their co morbidities.  Anyway Doc was to the point and asked me many questions at my Office Consult.   He has this way of looking you in the eye and asking soul searching questions. I didn't cry but I was shaking in my boots.   I thank God every day  that he accepted me as a patient!  For now I am one of Fisher's Finest!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email.  Just click the button above or email me at I'll answer you as best as I can. Tell me a little about yourself, it makes it so much easier if I know something about you.  This site is a work in progress and I hope to have many links and information available.  Just give me a little time.   My fiance'John's a bit of a tekkie and is helping me update my site.

My Online Life

I don't frequent chat rooms except for our WLS chat room occasionally on Monday night.  All preops and postops are welcome to come chat.  Doc is usually in the chat room with us and access is given by joining our online group or visiting Doc's website.
My Interests

Dating is something I used to do but now I found my Mr. Wonderful and I'm engaged.   YAHOO!!!   I finally found my guy!   I do have a photo on the next page of our little family.  John and I are getting married the end of November and I'm shopping for my wedding dress as we speak.    And so there is even more shopping.   Always fun to see what size I am as I shrink.  Seriously besides shopping I love to go to the movies   I'm a big reader but don't read as much as I once did while living a more sedentary life.  Besides that my butt hurts if I sit too long now!  I do love to travel and try to get out of town occasionally even for a road trip.  One other thing is that I enjoy walking these days.    I can and do walk often however due to my weight being what it was, I can't always walk as much as I'd like due to wear and tear on my knees and loss of cartilage.  Walking is painful if I push myself too far.   So I take it easy and walk whenever possible and take breaks when needed. 
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