Precision Crap Dealing




People in the gaming industry have called "Precision Crap Dealing" by Dale S. Yeazel the most comprehensive and best illustrated guide to dealing craps that has ever been published.

His book has 242 pages and contains 145 full color photographs and 33 illustrations. This being an E-book enables the reader to zoom in on any illustration up to 1200%.



It's hyperlinked table of contents allows for easy navigation through chapters containing complete instructions on check handling, stickman procedures, descriptions of all bets and every aspect of dealing the game of craps.

Whether you a student, break-in, experienced dealer or a player that insists on a complete understanding of the game of craps, this book has something for you.


“Dealing Mini-Baccarat” offers what no hardcover book possibly can: Drill programs to prepare the user by giving him the skills needed to deal the game. Third card drill program: the easiest and fastest way to master the third card rule.
Commission drill: has the user enter 5% of random bets and gives the correct answer in case of an incorrect response.

All this in addition to an E-book containing full color photographs that guide the reader through all procedures including the shuffle and using the tracking board.


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