Welcome to the Lone Star State Pit Bull Club Website!       Welcome to the Lone Star State Pit Bull Club Website!       Welcome to the Lone Star State Pit Bull Club Website!

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Pet Finder

American Pit Bull Terrier
The American Pit Bull Terrier has been beloved
for generations for its loyal, affectionate
nature and stable temperament.
 About Our Club         

The Lone Star State Pit Bull Club has been active in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area since 1981 and includes members with decades of experience with the breed, first time owners, and those who fall somewhere in the middle.

Our Mission
  • Promote local support of the American Dog Breeders' Association (ADBA), the primary registry of purebred American Pit Bull Terriers.
  • Promote responsible ownership of the American Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Reach out to community and media organizations.
  • Stop abuse and neglect of American Pit Bull Terriers through education and by encouraging media portrayals of the breed that appeal to owners who will be responsible rather than cruel and dangerous to the community.
  • Prevent laws targeting American Pit Bull Terriers and other specific breeds. Encourage enforcement of breed-neutral dangerous dog laws.
  • Hold various Fun and ADBA pointed Conformation Shows & Weight Pulls along with informational seminars on the APBT through out the year (discussing such topics as: Handling in the show ring, Health and Care for an APBT, etc.)

  • You need not own a registered APBT to join.
    We welcome anyone who has the breed's best interest at heart.

 Benefits of Membership                            

Benefits of Membership:
  • Quarterly newsletters keep you informed of club activities and community issues.
  • Meetings and get-togethers bring you together with other APBT owners and breeders. This is great for new owners and those new to the ADBA conformation shows.
  • Opportunities to participate in events such as Sanctioned ADBA Shows, "Fun Shows" (open to all APBTs), and handling seminars.
  • Membership with the Lone Star State Pit Bull Club also includes a 1yr membership to the EBA (Endangered Breeds Association). Your opportunity to fight BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) that targets our beloved breeds.

Click Here for our printable membership application.

Monday July 28th, approximately 8 pm, my 2 yr old choclate pit was taken from Lechner Rd. on Eagle Mtn Lake. He has a white blaze on his neck and brisket. He also has scar tissue in his left ear, as well as a sprinkling of white hairs on left cheek. He is extremely docile and friendly. His name is Mr. Poopers. Please tell everyone to watch for him,
as he is like one of my children.
Please ask anyone who might see him to call Mike at (817) 312-0750.

Lone Star State Pit Bull Club

In Memory of 9-11-01
In Memory of 9-11-01

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