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The Mourner's Kaddish


Yit-ga-dal ve-yit-kadash she-mei ra-ba,
Be-al-ma di-ve-ra
chi-re-u-tei, ve-yam-lich mal-chu-tei,
Be-cha-yei-chon u-ve-yo-mei-chon u-ve-cha-yei
de-chol beit Yis-raeil,
Ba-aga-la u-vi-ze-man ka-riv, ve-i-me-ru:


Ye-hei she-mei ra-ba me-va-rach,
le-a-lam u-le-al-mei


Yit-ba-rach ve-yish-ta-bach,
ve-yit-pa-ar ve-yit-ro-mam,
Ve-yit-na-sei ve-yit-ha-dar,
ve-yit-a-leh, ve-yit-ha-lal
she-mei de-ku-de-sha, be-rich hu,
Le-ei-la min kol bir-cha-ta ve-shi-ra-ta,
tush-be-cha-ta Ve-ne-che-ma-ta,
daa-mi-ran be-al-ma ve-i-me-ru:
Ye-hei she-la-ma ra-ba
min she-ma-ya ve-cha-yim a-lei-nu
Ve-al kol Yis-ra-eil ve-i-me-ru:
O-seh sha-lom bim-ro-mav,
hu ya-a-seh sha-lom alei-nu
Ve-al kol Yis-ra-eil, ve-i-me-ru:

Magnified and sanctified be God's great name in the world which He has created according to His will. May He establish His kingdom soon, in our lifetime. Let us say: Amen. May His great name be praised to all eternity.

Hallowed and honored, extolled and exalted, adored and acclaimed be the name of the Holy One, though He is above all the praises, hymns, and songs of adoration which men can utter. Let us say: Amen.

May God grant abundant peace and life to us and to all Israel. Let us say: Amen.

May He who ordains harmony in the universe grant peace to us and to all Israel. Let us say: Amen.

Remembrance Page

Warsaw Ghetto Photo

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At least 6 million jews (at least 1.5 million of those jews were infants & children) and 2 million others died during the nazi atrocities at the death camps
...Never Forget!

If understanding is impossible, knowing is imperative, because what happened could happen again. Consciences can be seduced and obscured again
- Primo Levi .

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"Remember, both of you, that which Amalek did to us; remember everything do not forget for the rest of your lives and pass on as a holy testament to the coming generations that the Germans killed, slaughtered and murdered us..." (from the Testament of Elkhanan Elkes, leader of the Kovno Jewish Council)

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Holocaust Photos holocaust photos

holocaust photos

Remembrance 2000-2007

prisoners at the camps

Yad VashemThe Holocaust Martyrs'and Heroes' Remembrance Authority

Simon Wiesenthal- Museum of Tolerance

Yom HaShoah Meditation

Light a yellow remembrance candle and recite... animated candle .gif

As I light this Yellow Candle, I vow never to forget the lives of the Jewish men, women, and children who are symbolized by this flame. They were tortured and brutalized like beasts; their lives were taken in cruelty. May we be inspired to learn more about our six million brothers and sisters as individuals and as communities, to recall their memory throughout the year, so that they will not suffer a double death. May we recall not only the terror of their deaths, but also the splendor of their lives. May the memory of their lives inspire us to hallow our own lives and to live meaningful Jewish lives so that we may help ensure that part of who they were shall endure always.

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"And to them will I give in my house and within my walls a memorial and a name (a "yad vashem")... that shall not be cut off."
(Isaiah, chapter 56, verse 5)

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We would like to have at least 6 million people visit this page by Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) 2010 to show that there are more people living today who care, and will never forget, than were killed in the nazi atrocities. Please pass this URL along in remembrance and so never again will this happen and never will it be forgotten. Thank you.

Yom HaShoah - Nisan 274

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