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From the Past Comes the Future - Concentrating on the lines of :
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Jeff and Doris Emerson
N8076  Pole Grove Road
Hixton,  Wisconsin  54635
Phone:   715-963-2222
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    The LITTLE PINEY RANCH is located in West Central Wisconsin, and it is owned and  operated by Jeff and Doris Emerson, along with their daughter, Aavrie Nelson and their two-year old grandson "Spud".
      All of us have taken our love and passion for horses and turned it into a lifestyle of hardwork with great rewards.
      We have what we believe to be some of the country's nicest broodmares.  
Their foundation blood has proven to be working well in our program.   The
stallions are chosen first for function and then pedigree.   Our goal is to always produce better and never just settle for OK.
mares we put into the broodmare band are always ridden and evaluated and must pass our standard of excellence before being called "good enough to breed".   We look for style and function, disposition, and intelligence......."cow" is always a must!
       Jeff, being the trainer, knows his horses.   In many of them he can say he has ridden several generations from the same mares.   He specializes in
ROPING CALVES but has moved into the REINED COW HORSE avenue.
The horses are always broke the best and represented honestly and priced right.
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