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I started these pages to help everyone who might be looking for a civil war veteran,or is just interested to know about my  great-great-great-great grandpa Jesse Reid's book. There will be several different versions. Names listed in the book by page and hopefully one  in alphabetical order. There will soon be a list of the dates of the letters with a small synopis of each. Some of his letters were detailed,some were funny, some he was angry in,and he loved to give his opinion.  There may be other ways to tear this book apart,but for right now this is a start. If you have any comments, hit the button on the following pages.
A History and Genealogy Research Site
History of the 4th Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers, from the Commencment of the War to Lee's Surrender
Not many people knew he had written a book of Poetry. It is called  "Prose and Poetry" by J.W. Reid.  I have written some of his poems on this site.
  Jocasse Valley,
  by Claudia Hembree

Robert E.Lee
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This book was written by a cousin, it has wonderful memories of Jocassee, The Lodge,some of the people and her family. And the coldest water God put on this earth...Whitewater River!
This book was written by my aunt, It's a history of Jocassee Valley,up to the building of the Dams. It also has wonderful memories, and lots of pictures of families in the area, and some summer visitors. She and my mama,with their brother and sister  was raised just down the river from this picture, Whitewater River.
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