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Linda's First Baby Steps on the Web (Updated 12/16/2005) (Rated PG-13)
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Thanks for stopping by. I'm just another one of those uncounted thousands of MTF (male to female) transgendered persons that I'm sure you've heard something about.

Naturally we are all special in our own way and I figure that I'm no exception.

I am married to a wonderful woman and am not looking for any relationships.

I'm no longer "just about a half of a century old" I'M 56 #*$&@@# YEARS OLD!! Ah thanks, got that out of my system. :-D , quite fit and getting more so all the time. I've been "clearly" aware of this side of myself for the last 20 years or so and have been evolving with it since I first flirted with my mother's satin raincoat when I was about 6. So yes, I've been dressing for something over 50 years.

We're blessed with 4 of the best kids in the world. Each a unique and wondrous gift, to be cherished always. All of them know about me to some degree, but they currently do not interact with this side of my personality.

Wow, I'm totally amazed at the number of people stopping by. It's been great and thanks to all who've sent such nice emails. My last new shots were from Christmas of 2005. I'd love to have more to show but life just doesn't allow the time.... Hope y'all are enjoying what I have managed to post here, I know I am.

I encourage you to drop me an email but please be honest, polite and non-sexual. Nothing wrong with criticism nor intense dialog, just a civil tone. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

Also it would be really great if you'd leave a message in my Guestbook (links at top and bottom of this page). Also feel free to email me direct at I love to chat.
My first ever "makeover". By the lovely and talented Clare McAfee of TG North. Lots more pictures on the photo pages, below.
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Celebrity Face Look-Alikes! Kinda Fun :-)
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