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Hi!! Thanks for coming and visiting me at my little corner of the web.  Since you found me, feel free to sit back, put your feet back and explore my page. 

So just in case you didn't already guess, i'm Christy, the proud owner of this great web page!! (modest much? nope :-) i'm 19 years old and live in the middle of nowhere PA,finally back at good old LHU and living with my Roomie and very good friend, JoAnn.   I work at Express down at the mall, where i probably spend entirely too much of my little paycheck and i just finished my soccer season. We had a great season, made it to playoffs, and knocked two teams out of their national rankings. Be sure to check out the link. So inow that soccer season is over i am keeping in shape by (occasionally) running and attending aerobics!

Obssesive about Strawberry Shortcake much? Because I am!!! As you will notice, part of my page is dedicated to the berry sweetest girl around. If you are as nuts for the little girl and all her friends, as I am, be sure to check out some of the pages. And if you happen to be an internet junkie, consider getting paid for surfing the net. you get a real pay check in the mail, i've already gotten more than $60. Check out my alladvantage link to the left ---> oh and please put me as your referral. GII-962 Thanks!!

In any case, please feel free to look around, have fun, and come back often!!

Please EMAIL ME if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how I can make this web page a better or more interesting place.

Last updated March 21, 2001

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