Tare Panda, also known as Lazy Panda or Flat Panda was born in 1995 in Japan. It gained popularity in 1999 in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and soon, there was lots of Tare Panda merchandise in the market. Its japanese name 'Tare' means 'hang' and therefore his name is simply 'Hanging Panda'. (Funny name, don't you all agree? ^_^) Anyway, I too, got to know this cute little panda in 1999 when I brought a T-shirt with Tare Panda on it.

The 'Hanging' Panda

Japanese Name: Tare Panda
Other Names: Lazy Panda/Flat Panda
Nationality: Japan
Year of Birth: 1995
Age: 8
Height: 3 ~ 5cm in general. Exceptional case....HUGE!
Weight: Depends on the size.
Favourite Food: A fruit called suama (a sweetened mochi with no filling)
Rolling Speed: 2.75km/hr
Personality: Lazy... unless in search of suama
Hobbies: Lying flat on the floor and doing nothing (posing for picture?!!), finding suama (its favorite fruit) and try to steal it.

Below shows some images of Tare Panda and its family. Click to see a bigger image.

Flat Panda 1   Flat Panda 2   Flat Panda 3

Tare Panda   Tare Panda   Tare Panda

Tare Panda   Tare Panda   Tare Panda

Tare Panda   Tare Panda   Tare Panda

Tare Panda   Tare Panda   Tare Panda

Tare Panda   Tare Panda   Tare Panda

Click here to see a interesting image of Tare Panada.

Below are some Tare Panda cursors and icons for download:
Tare Panda on ICQ flower         Icons
        Animated cursor1 (rolling panda)
        Animated cursor2 (panda doing somersault)
        Animated cursor3 (???)
        Cursor1 (panda lying on another panda)

Click to see a bigger image of the desktop wallpapers:

Tare Panda         Tare Panda


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