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13 Feb 2004

Redesign the layput in Others.

Updated Kanata Kara site.
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Let me first introduce my websites to you. This page actually serves as a content page for my sites on anime/manga and related topics. Welcome all anime/manga lovers!

Kanata Kara (From Far Away) by Kyoko Hikawa     -- @ manga @
Noriko was transported into another world with the identity as Mezame, who awaken Tenjoki, the
        sky devil who is believed to bring destruction to the world.

The Vision of Escaflowne     -- @ anime @
Hitomi was brought into a world of war and chaos by Van, the pilot of Escaflowne.

D.N.Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki     -- @ manga @
Daisuke, 14 will transform into Dark, a legendary thief when he feels his heart beating wildly for his dream girl.

Others     -- @ a site dedicated to what I like @
Tare Panda, Piyo Piyo, anime midis, story telling & etc.   ^_^

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