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Enter the Vaults of Skullhaven...if you dare...
For those of you who are stuck in the dark ages of "Dial-up", be warned that the vaults are image intensive.
It takes time for the Dead to get fully loaded, so have patience and ponder your existence, or lack thereof.
Welcome to Jozone777 and the vaults of Skullhaven.  Herein shall you find images of skulls, skeletons, grim reapers and other creatures of the night, and denizens of my dark imagination.
Let me, Thanatolia, be your guide in the dark realm that is
...if you dare!
I have been honored by Dr. Renfield of Bedlam Asylum to be inducted into the Grand Order of Bedlam, and as Fate would have it, it's my lucky number!
Enter the Isle of the Grand Order of Bedlam...but don't expect to leave!
Try it, see what happens...or are you scared?  Hmmmmmm?
Don't be frightened...YET!  Mwah hah hah!!!
Traveler, please take a moment and sign my guestbook, which is located (where else?) down below.
Otherwise, my daemons shall track ye down and mete out all sorts of fiendishness upon your soul!
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Just a few of my favorite places...fear ye not, and surf!
Please visit these links for a real visual treat.  Wonderful sources for Halloween, horror and other skull-related sites...dig in!!!
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